Young and Dangerous 2 (1996)

Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Chingmy Yau, Gigi Lai,
The story is told in two parts: the first focuses on Chicken and his exile in Taiwan skipped over in the first film. The second half deals with the Hung Hing Society trying to ally with Chicken's Taiwanese triad.
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  • Sharon Hui, Manfred Wong, Writer:
  • Wai-Keung Lau, Director:
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7 / 10

Less action than part 1, but a deeper storyline, and as such, a much better movie...

The first movie was actually quite good, but it is surpassed by this sequel in many ways. Where as the first movie was focused mostly on the action, part two is driven by a deeper and more thought through storyline, and that really made the movie stand out much more than the first one.

"Young and Dangerous 2" continues the story of the Hung Hing gang of the Hong Kong triad and their affairs in both Hong Kong and Macau. But this time the story extends to Taipei, Taiwan as well, as Chicken (played by Jordan Chan) becomes hired by the San Luen gang. Meanwhile Chan Ho Nam (played by Ekin Cheng) and Tai Fai (played by Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) are both competing to become the leader of the Causeway Bay chapter of the Hung Hing group. But some people are playing more than one side, and it ends up as a complex web of lies, deceit and double-play.

Again, as in the first one, "Young and Dangerous 2" has an incredible cast, with a great number of familiar faces from part one. Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan do it quite well, as they also did it in part one, but the most outstanding performance in part two is without a doubt by Anthony Wong Chau-Sang. And people familiar with the femme fatale movies of Hong Kong cinema will be pleased to see Chingmy Yau in the role of Ting Siu-Yiu.

I really enjoyed part two way more than part one, despite it having less action than the first movie. The action scenes and sequences in part two was also better executed and the camera action during the action scenes was far superior than in the first movie.

And the tone down of action gave way for a really good character build, where you got to know more of the characters and got more submerged into whom they are and why they behaved the way they did.

All in all, a sequel that is well worth watching for fans of the first movie and fans of Hong Kong cinema in general. And my eagerness to watch part three has been increased steeply after seeing "Young and Dangerous 2".

8 / 10

Young and Dangerous 2

This sequel opens with Chan Ho Nam asking his friend Chicken about his time in Taiwan. We then get a flashback showing how he was introduced to a local triad boss, and aspiring politician. We also see how he gets involved with Ting Siu-Yiu, his new boss's beautiful mistress. Certain actions lead to his rapid promotion. The action then returns to the present and we learn that Nam is competing with a man named Tai Fai to become the leader of a local Triad branch. It also becomes apparent that Chicken is in Hong Kong to facilitate a meeting between Hong Kong and Taiwanese Triads to discuss a deal involving a Macau casino... what follows leads to conflict between the various groups and a series of betrayals.

I enjoyed the first film in this series and if anything I think I enjoyed this one even more. Of course it helps that most key protagonists have been introduced already and a few flashback scenes quickly remind us what happened before. The first half of the film, detailing Chicken's time in Taiwan does a fine job introducing new key characters, most notably Ting Siu-Yiu, and provides some action. Once back in Hong Kong the tension and level of action increases as the rivalry between various groups provides many excuses for conflict. It also provides plenty of twists as betrayals occur. While the level of violence isn't that high the action is pretty good... the only laughably cheesy moment being when our protagonists jump from a fairly tall building, land on car rooves and walk away unharmed! The cast is solid; Ekin Cheng and Jordon Chan continue to impress as Nam and Chicken and Chingmy Yau is great as Ting Siu-Yiu. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to anybody who enjoyed the first film.

5 / 10

Chingmy Yau brings in something different for this movie

It's difficult for me to say which one of this series I like the best, but if I have to choose one, it will be this one.

None of the movie in this series is cerebral oriented. Keeping that in mind, this one had the best characters and stories that went with each of them.

I thought Chingmy Yau's character was outstanding in this movie. She was the extra focal point of this movie. It really does matter to have a good actor to make a good movie.

What's special about this series is the chemistry that the actors brings to the mood of the movie. It's indescribable, but it's there. Especially the mood Ekin Chen has sets the tone. But none of the other movies he stars in has this mood, so it's not just him, but mixture of others as well.

It's an average movie, but the actors won't let it just be an average movie, and it has a world all its own. See it for yourself to enjoy.