Yes, God, Yes (\N)

Natalia Dyer, Alisha Boe, Wolfgang Novogratz, Timothy Simons,
Yes, God, Yes is a movie starring Christian Adam, Susan Blackwell, and Alisha Boe. After an innocent AOL chat turns racy, a Catholic teenager in the early 00s discovers masturbating and struggles to suppress her new urges in the...
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  • Karen Maine, Director:
  • Katie Cordeal, Colleen Hammond, Producer:


8 / 10

Fantastic Direction in this Indie Gem

I had the great fortune of seeing Yes, God, Yes in the Emerging Director section of the St. Louis International Film Festival. The film is pitch perfect, and lead actress Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things) carries the film with tension and humor. I will watch this film again, and certainly recommend it as often as possible. Director Karen Maine's mastery keeps this film moving forward with precision and never misses a beat.

7 / 10

Funny, Non-Judgmental Sexual Awakening Story

After writing the winsome comedy "Obvious Child", Karen Maine puts her talent to work behind the cameras with this satisfying directorial debut. An irreverent satire on religious principles and hormonal behavior, the film follows the sexual awakening of a High School Catholic teen girl whose explicit online interaction with a stranger arises her curiosity towards the prohibited. Her quest for understanding herself, the pleasures of sexuality, and acceptance increase and gain shape during a Christian Camp where she witnesses some unusual, scandalously freaky encounters. Natalia Dyer is fantastic, funny and relevant as the heroine trying to figure out herself while observing and learning from the hypocrisy surrounding her. Winner of the Special Jury Award at SXSW it's a refreshing, provocative and smart little gem.

1 / 10

It reminds me of Idiocracy....

In Idiocracy, one of the greatest films ever made, there is a scene where a crowd in a movie theater laughs out loud at the vision of someone's nude behind.

Well, this film most certainly is directed to this crowd. Simpletons who find amusement in pseudo-pornography packaged as an artsy-fartsy film.

Pretty soon they will make films about pesky and disgusting humping dogs and they will call it a comedy too.

Brave new World...

10 / 10


Being raised in super religious home, I could Relate to this movie all they way to the end.Excellent acting,and just and all a round AWESOME Film. Best film I have seen this year.

9 / 10

A Decent Actually Good Movie

If you wanna watch something short, good, I'd recommend this movie, I enjoyed you should too..