Woman in the Woods (2020)

Mercedes Cabral, Brian Sy, Tarek El Tayech, Lotlot Bustamante,
Woman in the Woods is a movie starring Ireno Alcala, Lotlot Bustamante, and Mercedes Cabral. When Jason's father dies, he goes on an adventure to his father's homeland, The Philippines, to honor his memory and experience the stories...
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  • Kevin Ang, Director:
  • Alemberg Ang, Rotsanjani Mojica, Phil Planta, Producer:
1 / 10

Misleading pile of hot garbage

Just to start off the cover is completely misleading. The woman and the gorilla are never in this movie. This is also the first and only movie I've ever watched that had frame rate drop. They literally had a corrupt file when editing and chose to leave it in! The only interesting moment (when the cyclops shows up) is completely ruined by 5 minutes of corrupt footage and lazy editing. This movie wouldn't be worth watching it they gave it away for free.

1 / 10

Why the fake reviews

Do the makers of the movie really would paste fake reviews?

Whats the point?

Waste of time, a complete waste for making it, a complete waste even to write this review.

Save your self and block it.

10 / 10


The writing and directing is amazing, this is a MUST see..

7 / 10

Give it a chance

I do not personally like the choice of having 3rd-person voice narration. But this film was not so terrible as to deserve the 1-star reviews.

The other reviews are correct that the gorilla and woman are not in the film, so the choice of cover is really bizarre

This is not an action film, it's fairly slow-burning but it showcases (what I assume to be) Philippine folklore and beliefs about nature. I think it does that part well and the characters remain likeable and apolitical, so it is definitely watchable

If you're the type of person who likes to listen to wild tales from locals while you're travelling, I think you'll be able to appreciate this film for what it is.

7 / 10

It Could Have Been Much Better

I watched this with my wife who is from the Philippines, and yes she is beautiful. We both really wanted to like this film.

I felt the production quality was actually pretty good, the cinematography, the costumes, lighting, and even some of the special effects.

I could not honestly give it anymore then a 3 rating, due to the confusing story and being slow at times. One of the biggest problems what just trying to understand exactly what was going on. My wife understood many of the myths and legends they were referring to, but it would have helped to have some subtitles. Even though she speaks Tagalog, some of the dialects were hard for her to understand. I kept asking my wife, "what is she saying", and she would respond, I have no idea.

Apparently you have Jason, a Canadian Filipino who travels back to the Philippines in search of some of the myths and legends. We were expecting to see a Gorilla, and a sexy girl, from the poster, but instead a total different story. Jason meets this woman and follows her around like a lost puppy, trying to help her find this volcano. He does nothing but slow her down, why is she even allowing him to tag along? Enough about the storyline...its just too confusing.

Better writing, faster pace and subtitles would have greatly improved this film.