Witches of Amityville Academy (2020)

Sarah T. Cohen, Dona Spangler, Donna Spangler, Brittan Taylor,
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  • 2019-08-29 Added:
  • Tom Jolliffe, Writer:
  • Rebecca Matthews, Director:
  • Scott Jeffrey, Producer:
1 / 10

Run away! Run away!

Avoid this poor excuse for complete and utter rubbish. The real horror in this video is the acting, the dialog and the camera work. The acting is wooden and woeful. The complete range of facial expressions of the entire cast consists of catatonic stares occasionally interspersed with some kind of wry smile. The dialog is utterly lame. The camera work is atrocious. If you have the time to watch this garbage, you've got far too much time on your hands and ought to consider going outside to watch rocks grow instead. At least the time spent doing that will be more productive.

6 / 10


As if Suspiria was remade as a CBBC show, and as tonally uneven as you might imagine. The material often suggests a light comedic touch was called for, but instead Witches of Amityville plays itself straight as a horror film, though the genre elements aren't quite as intense as the director's earlier films Pet Graveyard and The Candy Witch. It's a slight but not unlikable film, the actresses playing the white witches are a particularly charismatic trio.