Witches of Amityville Academy (2020)

Sarah T. Cohen, Dona Spangler, Donna Spangler, Brittan Taylor,
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  • Tom Jolliffe, Writer:
  • Rebecca Matthews, Director:
  • Scott Jeffrey, Producer:
1 / 10

Run away! Run away!

Avoid this poor excuse for complete and utter rubbish. The real horror in this video is the acting, the dialog and the camera work. The acting is wooden and woeful. The complete range of facial expressions of the entire cast consists of catatonic stares occasionally interspersed with some kind of wry smile. The dialog is utterly lame. The camera work is atrocious. If you have the time to watch this garbage, you've got far too much time on your hands and ought to consider going outside to watch rocks grow instead. At least the time spent doing that will be more productive.

6 / 10


As if Suspiria was remade as a CBBC show, and as tonally uneven as you might imagine. The material often suggests a light comedic touch was called for, but instead Witches of Amityville plays itself straight as a horror film, though the genre elements aren't quite as intense as the director's earlier films Pet Graveyard and The Candy Witch. It's a slight but not unlikable film, the actresses playing the white witches are a particularly charismatic trio.

4 / 10

Not all together a bad movie...

Well, this 2020 movie having the word "Amityville" in it already made some alarms go off. Usually movies that have that word in the title tend to be dubious at best. There haven't been any proper horror movies with that name in the title for quite some time.

So it was with some reluctance that I sat down to watch "Witches of Amityville Academy" from writer Tom Jolliffe and director Rebecca Matthews, and I wasn't really having much of any high hopes or expectations to the movie, to be frank.

But I will say that "Witches of Amityville Academy" was actually not as bad as it could have been. Sure, this is by no means in the league of being an extraordinary horror movie, by no account. But there are far worse additions out there to the horror genre, so it wasn't all bad.

The storyline was pretty straightforward, actually to the point where it felt like director Rebecca Matthews was just running the show on auto-pilot. There weren't really any grand ups and downs along the way as the movie progressed, which made for a rather bland and monotonous storytelling.

Sure, the movie had a "Gilmore Girls" feel to it, and that was mostly because of casted actress Kira Reed Lorsch. And there was also a tingling at the back of my mind going: "this is very reminiscent of The Asylum trying to cash in on the 2020 remake of "The Craft"..."

The acting in the movie was adequate. I mean, it was not stellar performances, and some of the dialogue was delivered with lukewarm gusto, but all in all the performances were sufficient to carry the movie.

What surprised me about "Witches of Amityville Academy" was the special effects. While it wasn't blockbuster Hollywood CGI, the effects were actually good enough and definitely served their purposes and brought the movie to life in a satisfactory enough manner.

"Witches of Amityville Academy" was actually adequately entertaining for what it turned out to be. My rating of the movie settles on a four out of ten stars.

2 / 10


I had lil bit more expectations.. actually it's not a horror movie it's kinda more comic.. wasted my time..

1 / 10

Total Garbge

Even "real true horror fans" will look at this is being a waste of time. Money spent on garbage! I really don't know where the talent has gone in the last few years. I remember b grade films in the 70's and 80's were 100 times better than the rubbish that is being made. In honesty, I give credit for those who have started out in the film making business but please, ensure that the actors can act! The lines spoken are believed. A lot of the dialogue in this film sounded rehearsed and at times, the acting was too much. Either there is not enough or the actors go overboard.

I am going back to re-watch all the great old films that were made. Not giving anymore time to these awful and embarrassing movies that are now being created.