Wij (2018)

Pauline Casteleyn, Aimé Claeys, Gaia Sofia Cozijn, Axel Daeseleire,
Wij is a movie starring Aimé Claeys, Tijmen Govaerts, and Pauline Casteleyn. Eight teens - four guys and four girls - are the best of friends. One summer, out of boredom they experiment with all manner of new means to entertain...
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7 / 10

Nice sequences without a full general idea

I watched this film the other day in the movie theater mainly out of interest in the theme; 8 bored teenagers passingen through summer with sex and mischief. And others I've heared of watched it mainly because of the sensation and explicit scenes, also to be found in the book this film was based on. The film sure delivers this situation, but nothing more. A general idea and direction misses a bit.The film is divided in 4 main parts that focus each time on one of the 8 teenagers. It takes the 4 parts to fully reconstruct the thruth behind the summer of their lives. But at the end, knowing the whole story didn't gave a real feeling of satisfaction. So the film doesn't really succeed in digging deeper that the sensation it delivers.Nevertheless the film still amuses you enough to finish it with pleasure thanks to some amuseable scenes.

6 / 10

A Wonderful Young Ensemble Cast are Cut Adrift in This Messy Vice-produced Drama

Rene Eller's adaptation of a shocking novel by Elvis Peeters has all the hallmarks of its Vice co-producers sub-Mondo, faux docudrama approach. This makes for a queasy mix of wrong-headed moralising and vapid sensationalism that seems cribbed from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

The film has a slightly Rashomon-structure, as four of the film's gang of privileged delinquents tell their differing versions of events. The latter version is from the ringleader Thomas (played with real sleazy noxiousness by Aime Claeys), and pulls in the film's most difficult narrative strand, namely that of the perverted mayor's sex scandal. This whole section is problematically rendered, as the film seems to hint at the idea that child-sex scandals may not be about the exploitation of innocents. There is a damaging disconnect in the film between what is being shown, the way it is being shown and the wider context within which these things could be said to operate. None of this would have really been so much of an issue if Eller didn't so devotedly follow the Vice handbook and attempt to blur boundaries between factual and fictional forms of narrative address.

What is undeniable is that Eller has been able to extract strong performances from his young cast, made up mainly of non-professionals. It is a shame then, that the material to which their great efforts have been put to the service of, is so trivially worked out. A little less fake meta-textuality and this may have been something more like Stephen Frears' BLOODY KIDS (1980).

8 / 10

Very entertaining movie

I enjoyed watching the movie. Nice to see a movie that does not follow the cliches or take itself to seriously. I can't believe I never heard of this movie before. Way better then the over hyped "De Premier" movie.

The movie starts great, loses momentum after 1/4, but picks up halfway to the end.The scenes were well done, but the way they combine was a bit messy, that is my only complaint.

Very good acting, the 8 kids were played very convincingly.

Overall great and entertaining movie, not the best, but a breath of fresh air in times were lots of mediocre movies come out all the time.

6 / 10

Misguided, Twisted, Criminal Youth with a Dutch twist....it's ok.

Kids, A Better Tomorrow, Alpha Dog...we've seen it before...a group of teenagers who are living lives outside of their parents' knowledge, discovering themselves, indulging in sexual behavior and criminal activity. This Belgian/Dutch spin on it wasn't bad.

The cast was very talented-although I didn't find any character likeable-but, they did their job. Still these teens are insensitive jerks, with barely no remorse for their actions, and how the "big dilemma" was handled at the end didn't make me like them any more. The ending is...interesting(in its open-ended glory). I'm assuming the controversial novel this film is based on is spectacular though.

(I will say without giving anything away: one of the main characters may have had childhood trauma that caused some of his actions in the end-but I'll say no more.)

Basically this movie is fine; if it's on Netflix check it out, but definitely don't break your neck looking for it. You've probably seen stuff like this before-this is just the Dutch version.

7 / 10

Dark and intriguing, but also a touch disappointing

Eight teens - four guys and four girls - are the best of friends. One summer, out of boredom they experiment with all manner of new means to entertain themselves. This degenerates into some extreme behaviour and will lead to tragedy.

Intriguing movie, told in a way that keeps you engaged and wondering what happened. By telling the story from the perspective of several of the teens, one at a time, you get fed enough information to get a piece of the picture, but not enough for the whole picture. This creates a great sense of mystery and makes you stick around for more.

However, when everything comes together and the secret is revealed, it is a bit disappointing. The revelation is rather flat and what develops from there feels a touch implausible. Is quite topical and thought-provoking though.