White Rajah (\N)

Edge of the World is a movie starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dominic Monaghan, and Ralph Ineson. The adventures of Sir James Brooke, who defied the British Empire to rule a jungle kingdom in 1840s Borneo, embarked on a lifelong...
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6 / 10

Interesting but slow

This is quite an interesting story but the execution of it is pretty slow and plodding. The script suffers from too many unfinished sub-plots and the director seems intent on trying to show the inner demons of Brooke's mind rather than tell a good story. As such, there are elements of Heart of Darkness but it is certainly not A Man Who Would Be King or Apocalypse Now. Indeed, it is a rather confusing and drawn-out affair.

1 / 10

It's one of those

Low budget production, paint-by-numbers screenplay, and more than just a whiff of reenactment .

The cast isn't too shabby , but they got nothing to work with .

I'd give an extra star for some of the actors, but the usual fake high ratings need to be fought at all times, so there .

Either way, avoid even when intoxicated .

1 / 10

Disappointing load of twaddle

Possibly the only history in this are the names of people and places, not for anyone who is remotely interested in the real history of Sarawak and the White Rajahs.

8 / 10

Solid jungle adventure flick

I loved the atmosphere of the trailer and wasn't disappointed by the movie. The subject it tackles is vast and cannot be packed into less than 2 hours.

I cannot attest to the historical accuracy of the movie though it's based on true characters and events.

The film captures the mood of the jungle and a man running away from himself perfectly.

The cinematography and soundtrack were brilliant. Where it stumbles a bit, rather than fall is the screenplay, the native people's portrayal was a bit too one dimensional as is the relationship with the lead character's love. I would've loved the film to explore it more. There is enough material in the story to have made a full season TV show.

Overall an 8/10 movie by me and a solid jungle adventure flick, 2 stars less for not fleshing out the other characters which could've made the movie brilliant.

1 / 10

Waiste of time!

Christ! 3 days after I watched this..."movie" I'm still thinking that this is a waiste of time! Slow, too much mysticism, too much romantic. Nothing was real! Brooke was a kind of Human rights member, against violence and killing, and slavery in...19th century. C'mon this is BS! In real he was greedy b*stard, wanting to gain power and money. And the "pirates"- yes, they were real but nothing like in the movie. They had ships, they attacked every ship, the piracy flourish in these waters at this time.