Whisper (\N)

Maia Mitchell, Guy Burnet, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Katelyn Pippy, Joey Bicicchi, Ashley Nicole Williams, Davont'e Franklin,
Follows a couple that lives in Los Angeles. They are embroiled in a passionate relationship fueled by sex, drugs and risk that quickly reaches a boiling point.
  • 3.9 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2019-03-19 Added:
  • Keith Kjarval, Writer:
  • Azi Rahman, Director:
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4 / 10

Meandering relationship drama

Not sure how I ended up watching this but I did, there is some good things to be taken away from this but overall its mainly pretty bad due to the unnecessary long brooding shots of the lead actor.

The lead is a handsome chap and it was his story but if you could take 50 mins away from this 85m long film and you could tell the story perfectly well, the lead actor was decent with a modicum of over acting but watchable. The lead female, however mumbles through a lot of her lines, supporting cast was fine.

There are a couple of sec scenes and the overall tone of the film is to try and be sexy and brooding, it gets about half way there but becomes a bit too in your face. The story is one of a toxic relationship while never realising this until its too late., hence the title I guess.

Overall its well made but fairly pointless, not enough art to be arthouse., not enough suspense to be a thriller, things are thrown in to look cool but it leaves things disjointed.

I don't think I could recommend this to anyone except as a showreel.

1 / 10

Never ending pile of...

Sigh. Yeah, we've seen this before. And we saw it before that too. Weak, derivative plot plus bad acting and limp directing add up to nothing special here.

Go back and watch any number of these films from the 90s! Trust me, those aren't much better either.

10 / 10

Entertaining Ride

It is the classic story of the lengths someone can be pushed when involved in a toxic relationship.

The lead actor does a great job of portraying a man who stops at nothing to do what he needs to for the woman he loves.

Overall a well made story that has its fair share of love, suspense and gore. The trifecta of what makes an entertaining watch.

3 / 10

One time watch!

The only good thing about this movie was Maia Mitchell Acting and her sex scenes. The acting from the lead actor was laughable! The plot was weak. The ending was bad & laughable! Skip this movie and watch maia sex scenes on mr skin website lol 3/10.

1 / 10

Bad Movie

I used to watch a lot of movies that might come out as mediocre onesBut bad movies like this one I haven't seen, and the question is what he wantsFilm makers of this level and addressing.

The story is generally strange and I think it does not exist in reality either, and the reason isLove leads to the killing of a group of people and the reason is rape!

The main actress enters places where he has sex and thisHer life, then, is the cause of murder! The scenes were too long and they weren't worth it.

Also in the matter of killing the first person, we did not find the police having a role in the search for the killer!

I think the director and the heroes of the film did not succeed at this level and I hopeTo watch movies and learn from them.