Wheels on Meals (1984)

Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Benny Urquidez,
Kuai can che is a movie starring Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen, and Sammo Kam-Bo Hung. Two Chinese friends, who operate a food truck in Barcelona, Spain, use their martial arts expertise to help their private investigator friend protect...
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9 / 10

Classic Slapstick

The basic synopsis of Wheels on Meals is as follows: Jackie Chan and Yuen Baio are two Chinese immigrants who run a mobile snack van business in Barcelona. Sammo Hung, also a chinese immigrant living in Barcelona, works as a very badly dressed PI. Sammo is hired by a dubious looking gentleman in a bowler hat to track down a Spanish girl, who it just so happens is the daughter of Yuen Baios dad's girlfriend. This sets the scene for, amongst other things, a bizarre retro skateboarding sequence, a ludicrous car/van chase and a top class fight at the end.

For me, Wheels on Meals represents the ultimate combination of comedy kung fu and naive slapstick humor. It's worth pointing out that this film isn't as good a Martial Arts flick as some of the earlier works that it's three main stars were involved in (Young Master, Magnificent Butcher, Prodigal Son, etc). However, the main strength of Wheels on Wheels is it's ability to get new mileage out of some very old gags, and it also proves once and for all that unusual hats can be very funny.

I give it nine out of ten.

7 / 10

Fun and excitement in Spain with the 3 Brothers

I first heard of this when TNT was showing it after the TV premiere of Rumble In The Bronx. I couldn't make it through the first 10 minutes because of the bad dubbing and the mixing around of scenes (The very first scene was Jackie and Yuen skateboarding in Spain, rather than them waking up and getting into their morning routine). A couple of months ago, I got the Hong Kong DVD and loved it.

The movie is about Thomas (Chan) and David (Biao), two Chinese guys who run a successful food truck business in Spain. They get caught up in wannabe detective Moby's (Hung) case to find a Spanish heiress, and the fun goes from there. The chemistry is great between the three brothers, and Lola Forner is a great distraction. The writing is funny, and Sammo's direction is right on target. The fight scenes are great. If you want to watch vintage Jackie, watch this film as he can move quick. The much talked about fight between Chan and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez does not disappoint. Want a lesson in how to do a fight scene? Watch these two guys go at it (They would have a rematch a few years later in Dragons Forever).

For all of you fans of JC credit outtakes, there is none (JC didn't start using them until Police Story). But in a funny, action packed movie like this, you won't care. It is one of The 3 Brothers best, and it will leave you wanting more.

10 / 10

Great Jackie Film

This movie contains the apparent 'best jackie chan fight' ever, which is why I bought it, I guess I expected too much. The last fight really is excellent, but didn't top Drunken Master, or 'Gorgeous' for my standards.

What really stunned me about the last scene was the excellent choreography, and Benny "The Jet"'s great skill. The actually thought this may be Jackie's best "Movie" even if the fight scene at the end was his 3rd best IMO. Sammo Hung is really quite a character, good acting skills and a unique look, not to mention he is a skilled Martial Artist. The plot, as simple as it is, leaves you quite entertained through-out the movie, and Lola Forner is great too. I only wish my DVD has better English subtitles!


7 / 10

Sammo's choreography takes first chair

If Sammo could ever do anything right, he could choreograph. He's a master of martial arts choreography and many of Jackie's and Biao's best films come with Sammo doing the choreography. This movie is a prime example of this.

The film deals with two Chinese men in Spain who run a food truck. They meet a pick-pocket who turns out to be heir (along w/ her institutionalized mother) to a large fortune, which is coveted by some nasy goons. Sammo plays a detective that's on the case. All this builds up to an excellent climax at a Spanish castle.

One thing that I did like a lot about the movie was the script. The rapport between Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan was excellent, and they get a lot of witty comments, comebacks, and responses to supposedly stupid questions. You have to see the subtitled version to understand.

Like I was saying, the choreography in the film is great. Unfortunately, there are only about 4 fight scenes or so before the climax that are all really short. It really left me craving a lot more. The finale is a true piece of work. Jackie takes kickboxing champ Benny "The Jet" Urquidez in one of the best one-on-one's ever filmed. Yuen Biao takes on Keith Vitale, another karate champ. Sammo takes on the lead villain in a Chinese variation of European fencing.

The action isn't wall-to-wall but what's there is excellent. The relationship between Yuen and Chan is also great. It's a Jackie Chan film worth seeing.

10 / 10

Perhaps the best Jackie Chan movie ever done.

It's a hard toss-up for me trying to decide Jackie Chan's best film. It's a narrow thought process for me as it comes down to Dragons Forever and the weirdly titled "Wheels on Meals". Both films feature the amazing trio of Jackie, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao...'brothers' since their early days and all film stars in their own right. But the comedy in Wheels on Meals works the best and the action scenes are amazing, with Biao really strutting his mobility.

The plot is thin: Jackie and Biao are cousins who works a 'gut-truck' in Spain. Sammo is an acquaintance who takes over his employer's private detective agency when his boss goes on the run. Someone hires Sammo to find a beautiful girl (Lola Forner - also seen in Armour of God) whom Jackie and Biao have already had the pleasure of meeting. She's a pickpocket and the daughter of Biao's dad's girlfriend (the dad and the mom met at the local insane asylum. What love!). Anyway it seems that Silvia is being chased by mobsters so she can't claim a lot of money that should be coming to her. Bad guys give chase, Jackie and Biao help her, and Sammo runs in to try to get his way.

The three have been in a number of films together (Project A being the other film that features the three as equals) but even with the not-so great plot you'll be surprised at how well the acting is, how the jokes are still funny even while you are reading them (and don't go for something dubbed, the film is much better in Chinese), and how great the kung-fu scenes are. You'll be surprised by Jackie and Biao's skills on a skateboard and while the Jackie Vs. Benny the Jet fight scene in Dragons Forever might be a bit better, you still HAVE one in this movie.

For amazing comedy, action, and great kung-fu, that is directed by the pudgy Sammo, and taking the three men out of Hong Kong a la Way of the Dragon - this is the film for you. Fans of Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, and Sammo Hung will be hard pressed to find something better, though Dragons Forever comes very, very close.