Welcome to Pine Grove! (2018)

Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin,
After reluctantly agreeing to move in to a senior's home, a woman encounters a clique of mean-spirited women and an amorous widower.
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  • Donald Martin, Harrison Powell, Writer:
  • Michael Lembeck, Director:
  • Fred Bernstein, Dominique Telson, Producer:


7 / 10


A simple down to earth movie with a great cast. I enjoyed watching it.

7 / 10

Too Much Rom, Very Little Com

Have you ever made a recipe that, when you read the list of ingredients you think, wow, I like all of those, that should work together really well. So you make it following the directions and sit down to eat and something is just missing?

That's Queen Bees. Given the list of very accomplished stars, the premise, the trailer, everything should work together really well. But it doesn't. In fact, it fails... just short of miserably.

The Rom was cringeworthy. The Com was virtually non-existent. The plot twist was predictable from the very first line uttered by the character.

So sad because the recipe looked so good.

7 / 10

Sugary sweet, the only way to grow old

This film takes you into the realm of senior living. It's a feel-good film and it's a lot of fun. We all hope to grow old comfortably, in pleasant surroundings, with great food. We also hope that if we're afflicted with cervical cancer, Alzheimers, or a stroke, that they're just minor inconveniences as portrayed in this film. In other words, this film is a light way to spend a couple of pleasant hours watching our futures as we hope they'll unfold.

8 / 10

Wonderful actors in a fun and touching story!

This is not a "great film" in the filmic sense, but I loved it all the same.

First, it is great to see films like this getting made at all! The last time I saw something comparable with a mature cast was "The Leisure Seeker" and that was a few years ago. This gets extra marks because it is so good to see!

Second, what a cast! Seeing Burstyn performing at such an incredible level at almost 90 is so inspiring. The cast is uniformly excellent, imbuing the characters with so much more than what is merely delivered thru dialogue. There is a great scene of conflict between Burstyn and Curtin that doesn't even include any dialogue - it is all in their body language and expressions, so wonderfully unstated.

It's fairly light fare compared to Burstyn and Caan's body of work, but it is very well crafted, and is a joy to watch as a result. So nice to see a character driven film featuring older characters, reminding us that character development doesn't end!

I would recommend this to all but the most cynical.

7 / 10

Don't believe the hype, not Mean Girls meets Golden Girls

Advertising this movie as Mean Girls meets Golden Girls and not like either one. This movie is more like the movie Poms and would have been much better if it was only about the four women like advertised but is focuses to much on the romance aspect involving the main character and not the growing friendship of the four women.