Walk of Fame (2017)

Scott Eastwood, Malcolm McDowell, Chris Kattan, Jamie Kennedy,
Walk of Fame is a movie starring Scott Eastwood, Malcolm McDowell, and Chris Kattan. A motley crew of aspiring performers come under the guidance of an eccentric and volatile acting coach.
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3 / 10


I'm legit wine drunk and I still think this is garbage. And I LIKE bad movies. Save yourself the trouble. Don't watch this.

2 / 10

don't bother

I have to say there aren't too many movies out there that are so bad that you have to keep watching until the end. The plot was quite predictable, the acting was horrendous, and the cinematography was barely up to par. I was also quite disappointed that Scott Eastwood, a man of a higher caliber, would accept a role and movie so diminishing to his career.

I basically wasted an hour and a half watching this.

7 / 10

Hilarious & Enjoyable

Walk of Fame is truly a special comedy that was a very enjoyable watch. Scott Eastwood stars as Drew, a customer service representative that hates his job and can't make it into law school. Turning his attention to a new occupation and love interest, he follows the attractive and recently fired Laura Ashley Samuels (Nikki) into Star Maker Academy. The plot was based on a group of unique actors with various personalities that were trying to achieve stardom through acting school, headed by the eccentric and outlandish Evan Polus (Malcolm McDowell). Chris Kattan (Alejandro) was the instructor of the school's beginner class and was my favorite character of the film. His reactions to everyone's performances during the first class session had me laughing extremely hard. I thought the many different situations that resulted from the plot were hilarious because they touched base with every character's distinctive personality. I highly recommend this fun and light-hearted movie that is now available on VOD.

7 / 10

Unique and Bold Comedy

It seems that there is a trend in modern filmmaking to tame down movies and make them less controversial and blander. That is not the case with the bold new indie comedy Walk of Fame which dives head first into a raunchy and satirical point of view that makes it stand out from the crowd. The film revolves around a lawyer (Scott Eastwood) who after failing the Bar Exam twice decides to become an actor. He then begins taking classes at the so-called Star Maker Academy, under the tutelage of a far more than eccentric instructor played by Malcolm McDowell, who delivers a homerun of a performance. Throughout the course of the film, Scott Eastwood's character, Drew, must learn to cope with his classmates who aspire to a goal that they clearly will never achieve. This ensemble is where the film truly shines despite the incredible performances by the leading heavyweights. This is because of the multiple complex relationships between the characters lead to an unforeseeable and hilarious climax that will leave you very satisfied. Consequently, I will not give away what happens in the end but I will highly recommend seeing it for yourself.

1 / 10

Avoid at all cost

No eastwood,has ever been comedic funny Clint was good at biting sarcasm.But really roll on the floor funny.Never. Neither is his son.Scott I would never though someone with the name Eastwood, could do a movie so bad,that it should be removed it from the face of the earth. You keep wondering how they got anyone on board with this turkey. Malcolm McDowell,Scott Eastwood.I mean these are BIG names.Why would they wanna do a stinker like this. There was a few chuckles in the beginning,but after that,it was all down hill