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A reformed sociopath journeys to a remote island to investigate the mystery behind his brother's demise, but soon ends up facing off with more than he bargained for.
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5 / 10

Looks and voice simply not enough

Scott Eastwood both looks like and sounds like a younger version of his famous father who at one time was the #1 most popular movie star in the entire world. Unfortunately that is not nearly enough to rescue this production which, according to the IMDb notes, was shelved for several YEARS (!) due to funding issues. The story about a "reformed" sociopath sounds clever ... until the viewer realizes that the reforming means said sociopath is unwilling to kill or seriously harm anyone, even though almost every other character in the story is trying to kill or seriously harm HIM. Even viewers willing to settle for a mid-level action romp will be equally disappointed because the opening scene -- where Eastwood does his daily workout by literally attacking the furniture in his own apartment -- is about as violent as his character ever gets. Yes, there are a few A-listers in the cast, but they too seem as lost as the star. Mel Gibson (also at one time one of the most popular actors on the planet) seems to think he is in a sitcom, and adjusts his performance accordingly. And the actor playing Scott's mother consistently yells out all her lines as though the Director had warned her that her mic was bad, and she was determined to compensate for that. The only real suspense is wondering what happened to the "better" movie this could easily have been?

7 / 10

Worse film I have seen in 2021

I really want to see Scott Eastwood get better roles. Perhaps because I am a fan of his father, Clint. He looks so much like his old man and even sounds like him. I just want to see this guy succeed. Having said that, this film is terrible. Holy cow is it bad. It's more like a dark comedy spoofing thriller movies than a legit thriller. Mel Gibson does all of his lines behind a desk or on a phone like a dialup psychologist. Terrible Terrible Terrible film.

5 / 10

Who says a sociopath can't be useful in a crunch?

Scott Eastwood stars as a guy who has been incarcerated under psychiatric care for many years due to a violent nature that's been given plenty of exercise throughout his life. He learns of his brother's untimely death and rushes to the remote island off the Washington coastline that was his final home and project. The former WW II defense facility features a large, rambling house he was restoring as a resort hotel.

Upon arrival, he's greeted with venomous hostility from his mother (Brenda Bazinet), who mourns the loss of her "good son", and has hated Eastwood for all the troubles and embarrassments suffered on account of his years of misconduct. He's taking meds and receiving on-demand counseling from a shrink (Mel Gibson) who urges Eastwood to control his urges, even beyond the point of reality. The rehab plan is sorely tested just after he gets there when a gang of thugs takes control, searching for something that none of the few captive residents know about. The rest of the film involves gradually learning more about Eastwood, his brother and their histories with this vicious group - especially their smugly sadistic leader (superbly played by Kevin Durand) in a cat- and-mouse exercise in survival.

Oh. I forgot that dashing off to the island violated his parole, adding pursuit by an angry FBI agent (Famke Janssen) to Eastwood's burdens. What's relatively unique to this spin on a common setup is Eastwood's sincerely clueless struggle to overcome the sociopathic side of his nature. That's enhanced with a darkly comical series of phone calls to his shrink, seeking help coping with the increasingly dangerous conditions and choices facing him. He really doesn't want to undo his progress from years of therapy by killing any more people, even when circumstances are screaming for him to reactivate his ... shall we say... particular set of skills.

That element of grim character humor and the smarmy psychopathy of Durand's character elevate this somewhat above B-movie norms. Eastwood's internal struggles come across believably enough to arouse our empathy, thereby supporting engagement in the suspense of learning what the bad guys expect to find that's worth this much trouble, and who will survive the ordeal. Credit also goes to the location scouts and set designers who provided such a wonderfully complex and ominous locale for events to unfold. This is no dramatic masterpiece; nor was one intended. But if you're in the mood for grimly violent crime fare, you could do a heck of a lot worse. I know that because I've done so on many, many occasions.

7 / 10

Predictable? So what? just enjoy

You will love the dialogues between the main charactersYes, "Dangerous" is predictable. So what? If you are well tuned in and listen to the dialogues between Scott Eastwood (D), his eccentric psychiatrist (Mel Gibson) and Destiny Millns (Jo), you will really enjoy this movie. Scott Eastwood, for his part, plays D as apathetic as possible, sounding more and more like his father. Outstanding acting from Mel Gibson (has been a while....) and Destiny Millns (Jo). You can also see and feel the chemistry in the dialogues between these three characters. The movie is missing a couple of things and therefore will not be well received by the audience. That′s my guess. But I think that whatever this movie might be missing is made up by the dialogues. I found the dialogues catchy, really well written and executed. And do not forget that there′s a little plot twist at the end. Forget prejudice and have a go! Watch and you will enjoy.

9 / 10

good story and fun

This movie reminded me of some 70's and 80 movies that didn't need much action to enjoy Iit was faced paced had blood guns shooting and comedy like near the end also I'm glad mel gibson was in this playing a psychiatrist all the actors/actress were played well the villain wasn't that bad and i love near the end when he starts to smile before unleashing fire like i said it was a nice popcorn flick and nothing more.