Vietnam: Fast Forward (2020)

Vietnam: Fast Forward is a movie starring Rolan Colieng, Huong Dang, and Van Dang. After years of war and occupation, a new generation of inspiring entrepreneurs sets out to pursue their personal dreams while pushing Vietnam forward...
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10 / 10

A shot of psychological medicine

My review title is a bit corny, but it's true! After months of quarantine, isolation, and light depression, seeing this movie is like a jolt of positive energy direct to the brain. The movie yanked me out of lethargic apathy and replaced it with adrenaline and purpose.

This is the story of real people who are incredibly happy and motivated, but not because they've had easy lives. In fact, most of them have faced incredible hardship far beyond what most Westerners could imagine. Yet there is something about the Vietnamese spirit that is incredibly positive and uplifting; it's infectious. They keep going no matter what, and with a smile. I'm definitely going to visit as soon as travel is possible. The food looks pretty awesome as well!

9 / 10

Fascinating Look at the Booming Vietnamese Economy

I was intrigued when I saw Vietnam: Fast Forward while skimming through new titles on Amazon. I visited the country a few years ago and I'm missing the days when traveling was so much simpler, so I decided to give the film a shot. I love the discussion of Vietnam as a changing and ascending country. I think, at least those in the states, need to be reminded that Vietnam is not a war, it is a country. Vietnam also has some of the nicest people I've ever met in my travels too. This documentary shows how rapidly the economy is growing there and does so with personal stories that are easy to connect with. It's obvious to see this ecumenic boom both within this documentary and outside it, and it will be interesting to see further real life growth in the years to come. As a bonus, the documentary also might satisfy your urge to travel like it did mine, as you can see some notable locations and landmarks in the film as well. Enjoy!

9 / 10

Wonderfully crafted tale of modern Vietnam

A wonderful deep dive into the extremely interesting country of Vietnam. This is no Rick Steves tourist blog but a wonderfully crafted story of Vietnam as told through it's residents. The production quality was excellent and I look forward to more from the producers

9 / 10

Wonderfully optimistic

I came across this film by chance and I'm very glad I gave it a try. I grew up in the shadow of the Vietnam war. I learned from other movies and reading about the incredible devastation Vietnam suffered in the war. So it was a great pleasure to watch a film on the resurgence of that formerly beleaguered nation. Their economy is now growing by leaps and bounds. And there seems among the people, especially the young, a sense of great optimism. It made me feel hopeful to see a country torn about by war only a few decades ago, now so vital and rejuvenated.

9 / 10

A fresh insight into fast changing Vietnam

This is a fascinating documentary about the faces of booming and young Vietnam. It's a must see for anyone interested in the emergence of South-East Asia.