Velle (2021)

Karan Deol, Anya Singh, Abhay Deol, Mouni Roy,
Three criminals, a runaway girl, her three best friends, an aspiring director and a star cross paths due to an incident. Will they come off better for it or worse?
  • 6.4 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2022-08-01 Added:
  • Harish Dinkar, Pankaj Matta, Writer:
  • Deven Munjal, Director:
  • Abhishek Nama, Nandini Sharma, Producer:

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1 / 10

Worst movie i have seen in while

This is completely disaster. Sunny deol is trying very hard to portray his son as an actor but karan deol has 0 actor material. He isnt close to being an actor. Movie is completely disaster. It has no story, no script and screenplay is awful. 2 side actors did act better than lead karan. Abhay deol is classy. I love how abhay is keep getting better and better with age. He like old wine. Story could be better, felt like lack of acting at every level. I cant believe this is movie. I rather seat and do nothing over watching this movie..

7 / 10

Had a fun

I watched this with low expectations and had great time watching this, one of the good comedies of this year definitely.

All the actors put up good performances and the songs were very good.

2 / 10

Don't bother!!

Overacting galore from the newcomers.

Obnoxious and loud soundtrack.

Poor and underdeveloped script.

Abhay Deol should choose films more carefully.

1 / 10

Worst movie

I saw this movie because of imdb rating and I don't know how the ratings are good, its full boring movie. Don't waste your time on this movie. Acting is not good by Karna deol and story is also not good.

1 / 10


Karan Deol can't act for nuts. Complete overacting. Movie to fooled by the ratings but when I started watching couldn't last for more than half hour. Complete avoid.