Vampire in Venice (1988)

Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence, Barbara De Rossi,
Nosferatu a Venezia is a movie starring Klaus Kinski, Barbara De Rossi, and Yorgo Voyagis. Professor Paris Catalano visits Venice, to investigate the last known appearance of the famous vampire Nosferatu during the carnival of 1786.
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  • Augusto Caminito, Mario Caiano, Luigi Cozzi, Maurizio Lucidi, Pasquale Squitieri, Director:
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4 / 10

Vampire in Venice? Keep your expectations low...

Nosferatu (dir. F. W. Murnau, 1922) is regarded as a masterpiece. To be honest, I enjoyed Werner Herzog's remake (1979) far more - Klaus Kinski's performance in the title role was perfect; repellent and charismatic in equal measure. So I've been looking forward to seeing this hard-to-get-hold-of "sequel" for years.

Oh dear, what a disappointment. This film is a confused mess.

If "Vampire in Venice" were less conventional, it could be Art-house or Surrealist Cinema. And then its fogginess might be to its advantage. But... it just isn't.

Whereas its' predecessors were directed with a spark of genius, "Vampire in Venice" had a history of directorial dithering - and boy does it show. Despite some excellent cinematography, great sets and a (potentially) strong cast, the film is so weakly directed that it falls apart almost immediately. The cast is wasted. The plot is incongruous. The characters are under-developed and their motivations are anyones' guess. The whole is deeply unsatisfying. Of course, Barabara De Rossi is utterly gorgeous, Plummer has some gravitas and Kinski is OK, but without a firm hand at the rudder, we are on a gondola to nowhere.

Only the film's few saving graces allowed me to watch to the end. One for the curious only, I fear.

8 / 10

Truly atmospheric.

"Nosferatu a Venezia"(1986,Augusto Caminito)is one of the better vampire movies I have seen.Klaus Kinski is truly memorable as Nosferatu,the prince of darkness and Barbara De Rossi is hauntingly beautiful.The film is very atmospheric and has an excellent orchestral score by Luigi Ceccarelli.Set in Venice during the carnival it provides plenty of eerie atmosphere.Highly recommended,especially if you're into vampiric horror movies!

9 / 10


I've seen this film quite a few times and I don't think I've ever seen a sexier portrayal of a vampire in all my days! Brilliant film for the die hard vamp fan.The performance of Klaus kinski is evil, dark, oppressive and downright fantastic. OK, so it's a film that you'll watch alone and you'll be female but c'mon - it doesn't mater about the script - the background, the scenery, the images are more than enough to satisfy the vampire hunter in you! Should you watch this film I recommend you do it alone, with a glass of wine (red of course) and some good cheese and crackers. One of the ultimate vampire films of all time!

7 / 10

Good title role

This brilliant Italian vampire film certainly has an accomplished cast. Whilst Pleasence and Plummer are good, Kinski acts his socks off in reprising his 1979 role of Nosferatu. De Rossi and Knecht are also good, and pull off this whilst being so unbelievably gorgeous as well. What lets this down is the dodgy dubbing in the English language release that I saw - even though Pleasence and Plummer seem to have their own voices, the others look dodgily done, even if they are their own (which some must be). Suffice to say, watch the Italian version, and be amazed.

7 / 10

High priest of putridity, depravity personified, enemy of Christ, adversary of life, abomination of abominations?but we can call him Klaus Kinski!

I'm a tremendously massive fan of the works and persona of Klaus Kinski, but apparently I should praise myself lucky that I never had to work with him or maybe even meet with him person. Kinski allegedly was an incredibly arrogant individual and literally an impossible person to interact with professionally. During this particular period – the late 80s – he also was at the heights of his violent temper, which (nearly) ruined all the movies he starred in. Director David Schmoeller made the ironic short film "Please Kill Mr. Kinski", based on the disastrous experience that he had with him during "Crawlspace" in 1986 and even the long-running professional relationship with the acclaimed director Werner Herzog got destroyed in 1987 during the filming of "Cobra Verde". According to the documentaries Herzog and Kinski got into several vicious fights and openly threatened to kill each other. Also this "Nosferatu in Venice" suffered enormously from Kinski's eccentric quirks. He chased away the initially hired director Mario Caiano, he physically assaulted two of the lead actresses and he refused to cut his hair or wear any make-up. And yet, it's a Kinski film and I'd move heaven and earth just to see it!

I liked "Nosferatu in Venice" a lot, but not exactly because it's a good film? I'm much more fond of the whole idea and concept of the film. What a brilliant idea to set a vampire movie in the wonderful city of Venice! And not just any ravenous and mad-as-hell vampire, but a melancholic vampire figure like Nosferatu! That's just fantastic. The story initially follows Prof. Catalano, who's searching for the mysteriously vanished Nosferatu, but at the same time the professor is convinced that he is fed up with his immortal and roaming existence. Deep in the basement of a Venetian family mansion there is a tomb, and the heiress thinks that Nosferatu is buried here. They hold a séance to awaken him, but he resurrects somewhere on a tropical island. Nosferatu promptly travels to Venice, hoping to find love and eternal peace. "Noferatu in Venice" is slow-brooding and talkative, and thus definitely not recommended for the nowadays new generation of horror/vampire movie fanatics that swear by fancy computer-generated effects and monstrous transformations. This movie thrives on macabre atmosphere, moody set-pieces and sober cinematography. The plot is very messy and often doesn't make a lick of sense, and yet it's captivating from start to finish. This is also a very unconventional vampire story. Kinski's Nosferatu doesn't suck the blood from the virgin's necks, but he impales old ladies on fences and tears off the lips of jealous boyfriends. Kinski doesn't have to do a lot apart from demonstrating his naturally sinister charisma. The cast contains another two phenomenal actors, Donald Pleasance and Christopher Plummer, as well as a couple of beautiful actresses, like Barbara De Rossi.