Valley of the Zombies (1946)

Robert Livingston, Lorna Gray, Ian Keith, Thomas E. Jackson,
Dr. Maynard (Charles Trowbridge') tells Dr. Terry Evans (Robert Livingston) and his nurse, Susan Drake (Lorna Gray), about the theft of ten pints of blood from his lab. Later, he is visited by Ormand Murks (Ian Keith), a man Maynard
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  • Dorrell McGowan, Stuart E. McGowan, Royal K. Cole, Sherman L. Lowe, Writer:
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4 / 10

Not bad....but not all that good either.

Ormond Murks (Ian Keith) is an ex-mental patient and mortician thought to be dead. However, he actually pretended to be dead and used some sort of voodoo mumbo-jumbo to keep himself alive forever. The only problem is, to stay alive, he needs blood....lots and lots of blood. And, he's not at all afraid to take it--draining his victims and then embalming them.

A doctor (cowboy star Robert Livingston) and his annoying nurse (Lorna Gray) are implicated in the crime--mostly because the cops are the stereotypically stupid variety. When they discover a clue, they do what anyone would do--they keep it to themselves and investigate the crime on their own!! All in all, not a great B-movie but also not bad either (aside from Gray's VERY annoying character). Kind of fun, though there really aren't any zombies in the film despite the title. Also, while the madman is able to use hypnotism to control his folks and make them do his evil bidding, this is not possible. I have training in hypnosis and would certainly use it for evil if it was possible!

7 / 10

Good Film - I Enjoyed It!

This is not your traditional zombie film - they do not mean "zombie" in the way we think film them in films. I won't tell for it would ruin the film. With this film think Jack the Ripper is a Vampire in a way... this one is really hard to describe, you would just have to see it for yourself.

Ian Keith as Ormand Murks is super! He reminds me a lot of Boris Karloff as Cabman John Gray in "The Body Snatcher (1945)" and, as I said, Jack the Ripper. Ormand Murks is right up there with them - he is a madman.

This is a really good late at night film - great atmosphere: graveyard, a madman on the loose, talk of an asylum, embalming... if you like the classic films with these things then you should enjoy this "Valley of the Zombies".


6 / 10

Misleading title but worth a look regardless

No valley and no zombies, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead we get a creepy character (played by an actor who doesn't look very different from Boris Karloff) called Ormand Murks. He had been committed to a lunatic asylum several years beforehand and had died there. However he comes back from the dead, but rather as a zombie he is a non neck biting vampire who needs blood to stay "alive". He is quite good value, skulking around in his top hat and cape, looking more like a phantom. There are a few good spooky scenes but the film also plays for laughs. There is a lot of wit in the dialogue, for example when two cops investigate some night time grave digging one cop asks "What do you suppose he was doing?", his colleague replies "Well he wasn't digging for potatoes!" At just under an hour Valley makes a fairly enjoyable watch for those who enjoy old black and white B movies.

4 / 10

Not Up to Its Title

This strange little movie loses its route, when it goes for silly laughs and a final car chase, and ignores the basic elements of its subject. Perhaps if it had been titled as "Valley of the Living Dead" it could have had a better chance. As it is, it sounds as a Tarzan movie in a fake valley and fake jungle, and zombified slaves carrying baskets full of diamonds to the highlands. Its premise and the first minutes promised scares and thrills, but in the end it did not deliver.

5 / 10

Not a zombie in sight

If you approach this looking for zombies, especially an whole valley full of 'em, you'll be sadly disappointed yet I can't help it...I like this short little movie just the same. Maybe it's the wonderful atmosphere this film has what with mysterious going ons in the night, graveyards and tombs figuring into the plot. Or maybe it's the old fashioned villain who truly looks like a fiendish fellow...Ian Keith as the thought to be dead Ormond Murks, who now needs the blood of the living to stay alive.

And while there may be a number of outdated stereotypes (by today's standards) at work here especially in terms of the frantic female Nurse Susan Drake who is easily spooked and frightened leaning upon the always steady and sure male Dr. Terrance Evans..still there's a certain innocence to this style of Horror which makes it fun...kind of hard to explain really. It's only being an hour long doesn't hurt either.