Urban Justice (2007)

Steven Seagal, Eddie Griffin, Carmen Serano, Cory Hart,
Urban Justice is a video starring Steven Seagal, Eddie Griffin, and Carmen Serano. When a dedicated police officer is murdered, his father goes on a hunt for the people responsible.
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10/10 / 10

I don't usually post reviews but for this film i felt I had to, for allthe Seagal fans that have suffered through his lazily shot dtv movieswhich have ranged from boring, downright awful to almostunwatchable-Urban Justice comes as more than just a breath of freshair. This film is a throwback to the days when a Seagal film would spitout wanton violence for the pure sake of it; needless blood and goresimply because it could and Seagal beating people up with no mercy atall. Yes this is the film every Seagal has been waiting for, if youdisliked the relatively toned down theatrics of Exit Wounds and Halfpast Dead and were disappointed by the glimpses of past glory in Intothe Sun and Belly of the beast, then Urban justice is that remedy.

Not only do you get numerous brutal martial arts set pieces, brokenbones,snapped necks and blood spraying around everywhere like a TakeshiMiike picture, but Seagal takes pi**ed off stoic 'im going to killeveryone' attitude to a new level, in this movie he is a one man armymowing down anyone who is going to mess with him. He makes hischaracters in Marked for Death and Out for Justice seem like choirboys.

Don Fauntleroy has done an amazing job of resurrecting a Seagal whoseemed himself not to care where his career was going and after theshambolic last few movies he has come out with, Seagal has finallyupped his game hundredfold. I would say its apparent from the titlessequence the dramatic jump in quality this movie has compared to hisrecent snooze fests. Sit back and enjoy, Steven Seagal is back!

7/10 / 10

Just saw this movie and wasn't expecting much as his films since exitwounds have been abysmal in my opinion, i haven't even watched flightof fury because by that point i gave up and just started watching theold seagal films when he used to do his own fighting an speech.wellthis film is a near return to form, its action packed very violentloads of seagal kicking ass, and i didn't spot one voice over, theacting wasn't bad either it is definitely his best film since exitwounds. Steven is still pretty out of shape but he pulls this movieoff, there is loads of hand to hand combat,guns,knives and car action.Eddie Griffin does a good job as a gang boss and ads some decent humourto the movie. Don't get me wrong this is no masterpiece and some of thefighting is speeded up but i think real seagal fans will love this andwill see it as a very big step in the right direction.

8/10 / 10

Since 2001 life has not been too kind for Steven Seagal fans whowatched him come back to the number 1 charts with the box office hitexit wounds nearly 7 years ago only to stumble with the less thanstellar half past dead,and from there it was dtv jail without passinggo. And if that was not bad enough the majority of his dtv films havebeen howlers aside from a few. Urban Justice had a lot riding againstits success as most fans are jaded,but let me say that Urban Justiceturned out to be his best and most violent film since exit wounds.

Seagal is Simon Ballister who is attending his policeman son's funeralthat was premeditated by crooked cops or local gangsters and Simon ishere to simply find out who killed his son and take them to hell. Wedon't get much exposition on his character other than he is a man witha "dark past",and for the most part it works just fine. Eddie Griffinand Danny Trejo show up for as rival gang leaders with danny's rolerunning about 5 minutes at best. Both men come off well.Yes.Even EddieGriffin this time.

The real surprise is the lack of stunt doubles and the fact that Seagalis doing all his own fight scenes here.Bones are broke,neckssnapped,ball shot upon ball shot,maiming,and gratuitous violence forall as only Steven Seagal can deliver.There are also some nicegunfights that recall Under Siege and a really good car chase.DirectorDon E. FauntLeRoy does a really good job of directing this time out.

As for Seagal? he is just fine here aside from a Brooklyn accent thatpops into an urban drawl and back again. It kind of gets on thisviewers nerves.Other than that he is totally hellbent and has thatscrappy charm that we remember from the good old days is back.


5/10 / 10

Steves last two films (flight of fury,attack force)where how can i saycompletely rubbish. so one i saw renegade justice in a DVD shop i was abit reluctant to buy it but i thought to myself give it a try it couldbe good.so i bought it and hoped for the best lets just say renegadejustice is 10 million times better than attack force and flight offury. but that still doesn't mean it is Seagals comeback far fromit.the plot is simple a young cop is shot dead in a drive by shootingin a rough neighbourhood. Seagal plays Simon a mysterious man who wantsrevenge on the people who shot and killed his son. the film is animprovement compared to his recent movies for instance Seagal isactually doing his own fight scenes without the help of body doubles.also there is no dubbing from someone who sounds nothing like Seagal.but there some annoying parts like when every character speaks theystart a sentence with the word mother****er and end every sentence withthe word to. also when a person dies they die in an slow motionsequence that really got on my nerves.still not his best but a bigimprovement lets hope his next film is a bigger improvement.

8/10 / 10

Without a shadow of a doubt, Seagal's best film since Fire Down Below.Exit Wounds? This is better. A simple story which is held togethersolidly. Forget all the recent awful straight-to-DVD releases likeFlight of Fury and Submerged...this is a real quality action flickwhich deserves to be among Steve's best. Seriously, this is of thequality of his Warner Brothers films. A really enjoyable kickass film.

NO DUBBING! Seagal says all his own lines! STUNT DOUBLE ON THESIDELINE! Seagal gives out some of his best kickings in years! EddieGriffin is also great as the f-word machine Armand Tucker. He has somereally funny lines which will have you laughing out loud. He's right upthere with Travis Dane, Commander Krill and Screwface in the Seagalbaddie stakes.

The supporting cast in general is good. Amazing gun-totting car chases.Also...am I the only one who can hear a sample of Nana's 'Lonely'during the score soundtrack? £9.99 well spent.