Untitled World's Greatest Beer Documentary (2018)

Beers of Joy is a movie starring Ryan Daley, Joe Vogelbacher, and Sean Z. Paxton. The world of the most famous brewed beverage, as experienced by the passionate portrayals of four characters whose lives involve the craft of beer.
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10 / 10

Beers on me!

If your into beer this is for you. A good documentary about how two men started of making some of the best craft beer. Super in-depth from start to finish. Kudos to them.

10 / 10

Brought out the beer nerd in me

An in depth picture of two men and their journey through the Master Cicerone Exam with a 99 to 100% fail rate. Any dreams I had of taking the exam vanished when I saw what Joe Vogelbacher and Ryan Daley had to go through to take this exam. There were great visuals of beautiful award winning Brewmaster Tonya Cornett as she searches the world for the knowledge to make great tasting beer. Talented Chef Sean Z. Paxton cooks with beer over a fire in an old time setting. This movie is not just an ode to Anheuser-Busch there is a real craft Brewery involved too. A small brewery owned by Joe Vogelbacher and Eric Flanigan founded in 2014 is featured. My favorite part in the movie is when Eric helps Joe study for the exam with mnemonics. You can see they started the brewery with an admiration for each other that has now turned to love.

9 / 10

An amazing journey about craft beer

Loved it!! A seriously well put together documentary about craft beer. They shot this in 4k also so the visuals are stunning also. For somebody like me who doesn't know much about craft beer other then drinking it, I was intrigued and learnt a-lot. 10 stars from me

8 / 10

Who doesn't like Beer?

Wow what a story! A real dream come true for these guys... we watched it after reading a few good reviews and this is some real inspirational stuff. Highly recommend this one regardless if your a beer fan or not.

9 / 10

Nicely Done

A good documentary and awesome historical lesson on beer with their personal struggles and the story of mastering a trade. I'm getting thirsty just typing this