Untitled Muhammad Ali Documentary (2018)

What's My Name: Muhammad Ali is a movie starring Dick Cavett, Muhammad Ali, and Jackie Robinson. One of the most iconic figures in athletic history, Muhammad Ali's incredible story from world champion boxer to inspiring social...
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10 / 10

This is THE Muhammed Ali Documentary

I have watched many and ANY documentary I can find on Muhammed Ali - including the obvious When We Were Kings. While that one is great, this is the DEFINITIVE movie of Ali. It is a flawless account of the greatest boxer of all time.

10 / 10

If you didn't know, well now you do...

This documentary explained and showed things I did not know about the greatest boxer of all time and I am a HUGE Muhammad Ali fan. In and out of the ring he was the greatest from boxing to his humanitarian work, this documentary covered it all. I literally had a lump in my throat towards the end. Great job and thank you.

7 / 10

You'll Like It Even More If It Is Your First Go-Round With Ali

One's enjoyment of "What's My Name" can, I think, be anticipated with a simple question: how much do you already know about Ali? If little, you'll love this. If much, you'll be entertained but likely not put it in the upper echelon of Ali docs.

I fall into the latter camp of that previous question, having read multiple books on Ali and pretty much seen all the relevant docs. When I saw the title of this HBO production, I thought that it would delve more into the social/political side of Ali, but instead it proved to be pretty much a straight bio of his career both inside and outside the boxing ring.

Because it is HBO at the wheel, the production value could not be higher and it does pull out some photos/videos I had never seen before. However, as a seasoned Ali scholar, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed that "What's My Name" didn't "pick a lane, so to speak", and try to examine one issue of his life instead of tackling the whole ball of wax. Because I this, I have to rate 2009's "Facing Ali" and 2014's "I Am Ali" as better docs overall.

All of that being said, if this is perhaps the first Ali doc a viewer has ever watched, it will make quite an impression, as it does hit all the relevant points in his life and contains great music and interviews. It's long--nearly three hours--but never feels boring or slow.

So, ultimately, one's appreciation of "What's My Name" will almost certainly be determined by what they've seen of him before. Anyone can enjoy this, but Ali "scholars" may struggle with the lack of any new angle.

7 / 10

not should, it had to be done better!

This is my first review here, and for the greatest sport figure of all time, I must say - It had to be done better! Why? There are many examples, but I will talk on two things: As I said, Ali was and is original G.O.A.T. If you have quality material for someone, that is with him. I mean, cmon, dude participated in two most important sport and especially boxing event in 20th century: Rumble in the Jungle and Thriller in Manila.I will skip Rumble in the Jungle even there was many critics about low explanation, everything presented so fast, but as I say; I will focus on one fight - Thriller in Mania. Brothers and sisters, this fight was not called "Thriller" just like that, and in this documentary it was presented in maybe 1.5min or less. Biggest thiller in boxing history and it is not mentioned or explained, from emotionaly aspect especially, that Fraizer almost got BLIND! Unbelievable!

Second thing: Damn ENDING. On every documentary you are crying at the end because there is presented death and especially peoples reaction because of death of main character; and I cried because that was missing. How is that possible???I mean, I've cried when Ali died. Children from Africa which doesn't even have TV knew him and cried as well, not to mention public reaction of famous people etc etc. Nothing.

He said that God gave him disease to let him know that he is actualy number one, and it's not mentioned also.

So 7 of 10 just because of Ali, but it had to be done better!

10 / 10

F...ing awesome!

I don't want to spoil anything. You don't want to miss this! One of best docs I've ever seen. The film which Muhammed Ali deserved. Not a second wasted. Pure greatness! Go watch it now!