Unspeakable (2002)

Pavan Grover, Michelle Wolff, Mark Voltura, Marco Rodríguez,
A woman battles an unspeakable terror.
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1 / 10

A waste on so many levels!

This film is packaged as a psychological thriller, yet it has no thrills and the depths of the psychology used in the writing are that of a small child's capacity. The plot comes off very silly, and this film is a waste on so many levels. The film had a good dp, good director, a big name, and a good budget. So where did it go wrong, well the writing was terrible filled with cliches and babble and the plot really doesn't go anywhere. It almost seems like it is merely a ego stroke for the guy who is the writer, star, and executive producer. That is a bad combination, note to aspiring film makers... This is what not to do, filmmaking is an art developed through a team. Not an attempt to glorify one's own false perception of him/herself. It is sad when a film so badly gets so much money and produces such a bad product. Imagine 3-7 quality well thought out "true" indies could have been funded for this and they would have given society something. I was shocked to see name actors doing such poor cinema. Hoppers performance was a bit silly also, but I will chalk that up to poor writing. Like Bob Evans said "if ain't on the page it ain't in the picture." I would give this a strong D-, the only reason why it is not an F is it is destined to be a mystery science theatre film due to some accidental laughs. It is also a good learning tool for young filmmakers of what not to do...

5 / 10

Over The Top Hopper

"Unspeakable" is a laughable but entertaining horror\thriller.

The Plot: Jesse Mowatt (Pavan Grover) is a serial killer who is sent to the toughest prison in New Mexico. The Warden (Hopper) is one mean guy who spouts lines like "I am God!". The only person who could save him (I don't know why someone would do that but okay...) is Diana Purlow (Meyer) a scientist who has a device that can look into people's minds. Does she find the truth?

This movie is hilarious! Dennis Hopper goes so over the top you can't believe it. He also has a couple more "great" lines like ("I want to kill a hundred times over!" and "I want to grind your bones!") Meyer goes through the motions. Grover, who also wrote this mess, is very self-absorbed in the role. Fahey and Lance both make cameo appearances and they put in their usual good work. The ending is completely ridiculous. It involves ghosts, Fahey's character and abortion.

Overall, if you want to laugh, watch "Unspeakable".

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7 / 10

So much emotion

Dennis Hopper had to have fun with this one. It's clear he didn't take himself too seriously, and that's what really sold his character to me. I though Dina Meyer's performance in this moview was much better than her performance in Starship Troopers.

Lance Henriksen was a hoot. He seemed to have fun in this show. Too bad his Millennium series didn't work out.

Some folks rated this movie low. There were a few terrible parts, but I think the movie as a whole was moderately uncomfortable and rather tense ( which is great for a psychological thriller ). There are some scenes that are a bit goofy, but you can deal with them.

Dennis Hopper's final scene ( I won't wreck it for you here ) was absolutely superb. I was surprised how many recognizable faces were in this show. it's a good flick, and worth your time.

1 / 10

Self Indulgent, Malformed, and Pointless...

I was requested to screen a part of this movie (roughly 4/5), and to give my honest review of it. When initially questioning about the film I was interested to see why a film made in 2001 took so long to be purchased, considering it was starring Dennis Hopper and was about serial killers, two appealing qualities? Who was this new actor Pavan Grover who starred in the film. After watching it I had no more questions.

TECHNICALLY: the film was sub par. It appeared like a B movie. The sound was terrible and one of my biggest annoyances was the continuity was unbelievably bad. I thought I was watching dailies, not a finished product. At one point you can see an actor drop his gun, and then the animal wrangler an camera leads a horse of camera.

DIRECTING: uh... I am not one to give directors too much credit, therefore I won't rip him. I don't think he had much to work with.

WRITING: I would be hard pressed to determine what was worse the corny dialogue or the pointless idiotic plot. The script was "unspeakably" drowning in psuedo intellectual psycho babble... And it gets old real quick to anyone with half a brain.

ACTING: Well the acting wasn't bad. Fahey was Fahey and Hopper was Hopper... Although I will give it to Hopper for keeping a straight face while reading terrible lines. Meyer impressed me, I really liked her. It appeared as if there was no thought or time put into casting anyone else and it made the production look amateurish. Pavan Grover the star of the film was laughable, and the character didn't do to much to help. This was this persons first film and I really don't know how he got cast, until I read the credits and I noticed he was the writer and executive producer also. Acting tip 1 yelling real loud doesn't make you a good actor.

CONCLUSION: If this stinker gets released somehow... Don't waste your money... And if someone wants you to go to a free screening, go see GIGLI at the dollar theatre. This is what happens when a void of talent meets a megalomaniac personality.

1 / 10


An abysmally bad film. I can't comprehend how they got these reasonable actors to star in such a terribly conceived and executed movie.

The writing and editing is so bad it's as though a big fan blew all their scene index cards around and they just put the film together however they landed. There is no solid plot, nothing at all to hold your interest, no real theme, no cool moments, nothing memorable whatsoever.

I am quite literally stunned. This film goes right onto my worst ever list alongside 'Into the woods','Island of the dead', 'the off season', and most Uli Lommell and Uwe Boll films.