Twisted (2004)

Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn,
Jessica, whose father killed her mother and committed suicide, is a police officer. While investigating a murder, she finds herself in the center of her own investigation, when her former lovers start being murdered.
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  • Sarah Thorp, Writer:
  • Philip Kaufman, Director:
  • Barry Baeres, Anne Kopelson, Arnold Kopelson, Florina Massbaum, Producer:

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1/10 / 10

Let me begin by saying - I love mysteries/thrillers and I really likeAshley Judd. I think she's pretty and a really good actress. But thismovie is really lame.

They movie makers cheat throughout the entire movie. It's hard toexplain without giving away the ending but the red herrings that theytoss in are just unfair to the viewer.

Every time Ashley Judd drinks down another glass of wine and started topass out, half of our audience started squirming in their seats (out ofembarrassment), the other half just laughed out loud. It was prettyridiculous. To top it off, the dialog throughout is mostly stupid.

The ending is as bad as the rest. No way I would ever watch again.

6/10 / 10

I had heard several people say, "Don't rent this movie; it stinks," buttook a shot anyway because Ashley Judd is appealing to me. Well, Iwouldn't buy the film but it worth the rental. It wasn't bad at all. Itwas a decent "serial killer movie" except for the ending which went ontoo long and got a bit sappy, but a lot of movies are know for that.However, by the end, all the characters (including Judd's "JessicaShepard") had worn thin and I was glad to see it end.

I also had heard that the ending was easy to figure out but I didn'tfind that. Actually, I thought I, but I guessed wrong and I assumeothers did as well. So, don't believe everything you hear; it's adecent film. Nothing to spend a lot of money on, but you could do a lotworse. With Judd, Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jackson and David Strathairn,the same could be said about the cast

5/10 / 10

To hear Director Philip Kaufman tell it, "Twisted" was supposed to bethe best film noire picture since the classics of the 40s. Not so. Ithas most of the elements of film noire..the dark lighting, the darkenedstreets and a murder mystery. But it doesn't quite work.

Officer Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) is a kick ass police officer whohas just been promoted to Homicide Inspector. Now it seems that thecomely young officer also has a penchant for violent behavior and onenight stands. Her mentor is none other than Police Commissioner JohnMills (Samuel L. Jackson) who has raised her and nurtured her careerfollowing the tragic deaths of her parents some years earlier.

Shepard's new partner turns out to be Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) whomshe had unknowingly met the previous evening during a party at a bar inher honor. Suddenly, Jessica's one night lovers begin turning up dead,brutally beaten. At the same time, she has been experiencing blackoutsimmediately before the murders. She then begins to suspect that she maybe responsible.

Sounds good huh? I though so too but on watching it I guessed who themurderer was almost right away. This took away any suspense thedirector was trying to build by placing suspicion on other characters.We do get some nice shots of San Francisco though.

The petite Ashley Judd is just not convincing as a tough love 'em andleave 'em cop. She does her best work in the psychological scenes whereshe comes unraveled at the thought that she may be murdering these men.Jackson does the best he can with limited material. He is off screenmore than he is on. I thought that his character could have beenfleshed out a little more. Garcia, playing an Italian again, does whathe can with his role. TV's Camryn Manheim puts in a appearance as theforensic examiner Lisa.

Not nearly as good as Director Philip Kaufman would have you believe.

6/10 / 10

My expectations were fulfilled. I mean I knew that this one was not atop thriller but at least it was much more better than the last ones Isee. I spent an entertaining evening with my wife that didn't fallasleep this time. This movie kept your attention from beginning andduring all the time you are asking who the real murder is. Theperformance of Ashley Judd in her psycho role was very good and for allfans of her this is a must see. Yeah, it's a good psycho-thriller witha surprisingly end. I am wondering why so many critics are negativehere. There are no doubt more movies who deserved less good votes thanTwisted. IN THE CUT is another thriller you shouldn't miss if you likedthis one. My rating with my wife: 6.5/10. Too underrated on IMDb!!

1/10 / 10

Why does someone as talented as Ashley Judd keep making such rottenmovies?

Does she read the scripts before she commits to them?

There was a time when Ms. Judd made terrific films - "Ruby in Paradise"and "Smoke" - she has a cameo and what a superb performance it is.

"Twisted" is just a mess of a movie. Not only is this film dreadfullypaced, for a suspense thriller it is surprisingly devoid of suspenseand thrills.

The story is utterly predictable. There are no plot twists and if youcannot figure out who the villain is about 10 minutes into the film,find yourself another hobby. The material is so beneath the talents ofMs. Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia and director Philip Kaufman.

I can only hope that this film will finally prove to Ms. Judd that it'stime to give this genre a break - for good - and sink her teeth intobetter roles.