Trigger Point (2021)

Barry Pepper, Laura Vandervoort, Colm Feore, Eve Harlow,
Trigger Point is a movie starring Eve Harlow, Carlo Rota, and Jayne Eastwood. Follows Nicolas Shaw, a retired U.S. special operative who becomes part of an elite "invisible" team that quietly takes out the worst villains around the...
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  • Michael Vickerman, Writer:
  • Brad Turner, Director:
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4 / 10

If you are a foreign student...

Script has been recycled so many times you would expect the DVD to come in an earth-friendly green (or blue) package. And this is not merely a low-budget indie, but it was filmed in Canada with Canadian actors. That's double jeopardy. Plot holes that even Georgia's Dept of Highways could not fix. Weak soundtrack and editing. If you are a foreign student who has been assigned TRIGGER POINT as a means to learn English, however, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

10 / 10

Excellent Action Movie

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I didn't even notice the time going by, it kept my attention completely. The characters were well portrayed and the acting was excellent. I really hope they make a sequel! 10/10.

6 / 10

No point

Very slow, typical, with a wannabe cast., pretty scenary , nice homes unrealistic.

3 / 10

Trigger Pointless

Started off slowly and for a while thought this may turn out to be a good film.

Unfortunately it didn't; half way through the 'rescue' I started to play solitaire on my phone.

I honestly thought that much of the movie was the storyline fluff? Between the levels of an RPG.

3 / 10

Can't recommend

Extremely unrealistic shooting scenarios, quite boring and nothing unique or impressive.