Treason (2020)

Jordan Wall, Jeff LeBeau, Bill Lithgow, Pierce Minor, Ysabella Love, Ra Hanna,
Treason is a movie starring Jeff LeBeau, Dalia Vosylius, and Emma Center. Grant Wilson rules a made-up nation with his family as his only subjects. When his son takes the mission too far and his daughter questions everything, Grant...
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  • Eric DePriester, Director:
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6 / 10


It's an alright movie about a man fed up with America so he decides to create his own nation. He then gets drunk on his power and abuses his family. The movie isn't bad but isn't amazing. Well shot a a decent story until the end which provides a twist that goes against a character's rationale and provides an unsatisfactory conclusion. 8/10 for the first 3/4ths, 3.5/10 for the end.