Totally Under Control (2020)

Totally Under Control is a movie starring Scott Becker, Taison Bell, and Michael Bowen. An in-depth look at how the United States government handled the response to the COVID-19 outbreak during the early months of the pandemic.
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The facts are as follows.. when there was an outbreak in wuhan the us govt decided it would be a good idea to evacuate citizens from there via 3 airbus flights bringing upwards of 3000 people either already infected or soon to show symptoms of being infected, which then rapidly spread the virus throughout the USA and other countries.

today we are worse off than ever simply due to both government and societal self centered greedy selfish ignorance. festivals, rallies, ridiculous protests and riots, "covid contest" parties, sporting events from kids to pro, bars, amusement parks, schools, now trick or treating ffs.. heck even big time wrastlin was open for business many months ago and considered essential by the govt., violent crime is actually up this year, but hey lets igonre all of that and pretend its business as usual.. on and on and on it goes. the sheer stupidity in our society is not suprising. people just didnt and still do not care.. ultimately, the fact is we did it to ourselves and we continue to do so.

meanwhile, china has been back to a normal way of life for some 6 months already with little to no isolated outbreaks. when there is one they are on it and its quarantined and snuffed out literally within hours. they took it seriously. they handled it appropriately. both their govt and citizens actually came together and cared enough to follow the common sense guidelines, to give a crap about fellow citizens and society as a whole.

china to date has 85,000 cases / 5000 deaths -vs- america with 8,000,000 cases / 250,000 deaths. with a country of 1.5 billion, china clearly got it way right and we, a country of 330 million, got it way WAY wrong. we in america should all be ashamed and embarrassed by our actions. pathetic.

10 / 10

oh my gawd how well made this was...

You wont find a nother summarizing feature documentary at this level till the besserwissers cocludes in a couple of years why this happened and where we failed etc etc when all the numbers and data are processed and the rebuild of the new normal can/have start.

i think alex gibney and his team of filmakers presents the best of the best on the science and the humanistic basis, where death is death and not money and politics, and revealing political systems that spreads fear among beaurocrats that being afraid to get sacked and merely keeps sweettalking to their bosses just to keep their jobs leaving the rest of the population at risk for all its/your worth...absolutely nothing

so put the politics aside when viewing this film, its a stunning moment of truthlearning. with high recommendations from the still grumpy old nurse with the neck gaither ready at all times

1 / 10


Yet another delusional fluff piece from 'merica. The yanks are literally taking up arms, killing each other and plotting against officials who even so much as mention the idea of shutting down a 'hotspot' area or township. As long as the local bar and McDonald's are open, we good. What a wacky bunch.

10 / 10

Madness and greed exposed with sincerity and intelligence

The truth is out now -- if any doubt remains for the masses of non-voters (100 million in 2016) and the undecided. This meticulous film can be wince-inducing as it carefully assembles the disgusting FACTS that finally make it clearly understandable just how the US government, corrupted under Trump, completely failed us with their shockingly pathetic, deadly mishandling of the pandemic response. Those who have been on the front lines are seen & heard leveling with the people, telling it like it is. Not to be overlooked by any sane individual. Get the word out.

10 / 10

Thank you for making this!

Glad I watched this. Of course Trump's cult followers will say it's not true but nothing is in their lies UNLESS it's glorifying their Lord and Savior Trump.