Tornado Warning (2012)

Stacey Asaro, Marcus Lyle Brown, Claire Conti, Jeff Fahey,
Alien Tornado is a TV movie starring Stacey Asaro, Marcus Lyle Brown, and Claire Conti. Extraterrestrials appear as destructive "electrical tornadoes" on Earth.
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  • Paul A. Birkett, Writer:
  • Jeff Burr, Director:
  • Kenneth M. Badish, Griff Furst, Daniel Lewis, Producer:


3 / 10

SyFy Does It Again

We all know the drill on SyFy channel movies. You can't compare them to anything other than previous SyFy channel movies. With shoestring budgets and B & C grade actors (mostly C), they crank out their "original" movies with regularity and zero surprises.

Alien Tornado did not break this tradition. This one was just slightly on the low side of the scale. The script was ridiculous, the characters thoroughly unappealing (I'm used to that), and the CGI SFX were only average. Now that home PC's with the latest processors can do the third level CGI that SyFy utilizes, you'd think they'd use the savings to ramp up the writing or actor expenditures. They don't. This one didn't even have any former stars in a cameo role.

The only reason to watch these things is because you're stuck at home and nothing else is on. And, of course, because you can figure out the plot by the first commercial break, and after that you can leave the room for a few minutes at any time and not worry about missing anything vital to the story.

This one was so completely silly and contrived that even hard core fans of SyFy movies will be disappointed. Not to worry. They'll be punching out another one in a few weeks. Ice Twisters vs. Alien Tornado perhaps? Paul Birkett wrote both. You know he's thinking about it.

3 / 10

Wow This was bad!!

I watched because, Hey I'm a big fan of Kari Wuhrer, no matter what she is playing in. Well, she actually hasn't But, really she had two different outfits on when she got in the car she had white top and blue jeans, get's out the car and has a pink top and black pants...come on who is in charge of wardrobe..CUT!! But, seriously all and all not great, but not exactly horrible.. The special effects were good, the storyline was original.. The acting was OK, it's SYFY what do you expect, those of us that like Sci-Fi watch it because we like the idea of it all, not because of the realism.. So sit back and if you watch the movie, just watch it for what it is.. Entertainment...

7 / 10

A bad alternative for just about anything

Giving a bad review to a SyFy movie is not really a challenge. It's so blatantly obvious thing to do that one has to think twice if it is even worth the time to type the bashing these films more often than not deserve. I'm beginning to feel like this is SyFy's strategy: keep churning out junk under the guise of light entertainment, because there are enough people that kinda enjoy passing their time watching these films and then there are those, like myself, who end up watching these in hopes something has changed.

Nothing has changed here. The images and the characters both are flat, the CGI is sub-par, and the script would again benefit from proofreading. Not that I don't trust the writers' English skills, but maybe a few more brains in the works would help in creating more passable builds of suspense, more pronounced motivations for characters etc. You know, a bit more oomph than tornadoes that are of alien origin coupled with the stock characters one can expect in such circumstances.

I've seen worse acting, and I've spent my time more foolishly, but to say that seeing a certain film is NOT the stupidest thing one can do is not really a compliment, now is it?

4 / 10

Extraterrestrial tornadoes? Whatever next!

The usual silliness from the SyFy Channel. Jeff Fahey - who remains a solid, dependable stalwart of an actor, as always - plays a farmer who has to contend with tornadoes on his land. Except, of course, this being a sci-fi movie after all, these weirdly glowing tornadoes are actually electrified extraterrestrials!

Yes, it's as silly and as cheesy as you'd imagine from the title and premise, a film packed full of terrible special effects and worse acting. Aside from the aforementioned Fahey, viewers are treated to Kari Wuhrer (who looks like she's a fan of plastic surgery) as a glamorous stormchaser and David Jensen (complete with whiny voice) as a leader of some nefarious government agents also out hunting the aliens.

The action, when it occurs, is invariably disappointing, because the producers just don't have the budget to do justice to the premise. So viewers are left laughing along at the premise and enjoying the mildly diverting adventures. Yes, this is terrible, but also terribly inoffensive with it - just your average B-movie fun.

3 / 10

Close Encounters of the Tornado Kind...

I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting much from Alien Tornado, and that after seeing it it was neither better or worse than I was expecting. The coolest and most exciting set piece is the destruction of the city, there is some evidence tension and the effects are a step above the crude ones I was expecting in this scene. Jeff Fahey is also decent, as is the concept which is pretty original and showed potential for a watchable movie. However the rest of the movie doesn't show much promise. The effects are not the crudest I've seen but they're hardly great either. The editing is choppy at best, and the movie is dully lit. The script is very hackneyed and doesn't give the actors much to work from, the story is silly, contrived and dull, the characters are unappealing and stereotypical(a lot of them are severely underdeveloped as well) and Fahey aside the rest of the acting suffers from the banality of the writing. Overall, a bad movie but not terrible. 3/10 Bethany Cox