Topside (2020)

Jared Abrahamson, Celine Held, Fatlip, Zhaila Farmer,
Deep in the underbelly of New York City, a five year-old girl and her mother live among a community that has claimed the abandoned subway tunnels as their home.
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  • Logan George, Director:
  • Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron, Daniel Crown, Kara Durrett, Josh Godfrey, Producer:


10 / 10

Outstanding first film by a pair of amazing filmmakers

Wow-- this is one earth shattering film. The basic story does not seem to do justice to the execution, which is amazing -- it is clear that the filmmakers are extraordinarily talented, and the acting is superb. Every scene is absolutely realistic, almost documentary, and the settings are gritty, grimy, as the main character, Little, a tiny girl and her mother, Nikki, are two of the tunnel dwellers are forced out of their underground which is condemned. The two have a special bond because the girl has never been Topside, and when they enter the world above, the blinding lights and overwhelming noise of the city almost causes the girl a serious breakdown. When the filmmakers show the point of view of the girl, the lights and sound are overmodulated to give the viewer the same feeling of chaos as the child, above ground probably for the first time, would experience. The story gets harsh as they desperately search for some kind of shelter in the city and the finale is beyond heartbreaking. This is a difficult film to sit through, but the experience is worthwhile and very highly recommended.

2 / 10


All other reviews must come from members of the film crew. If the permanent shaky camera does not make you sick, I challenge you to watch this film more than 10 minutes. One of the worst of the year. I have not given that mark for some time, but I think it is well deserved.

10 / 10

A big 10 out of 10 Fantastic performances

Breathtaking- TOPSIDE is a superb accomplishment. It is an emotional journey that commences in the darkest, deepest underground tunnels of NYC then accosts us with the blinding lights of our city streets. Our privileged society often looks the other way - preferring not to see abject poverty - because it makes us uncomfortable. TOPSIDE is an uncomfortable and necessary movie. Thank you for making it. It was a perfect movie with a perfect ending. The message to me was...take off your rose colored glasses - there are many people living like this in every city in wealthy America. TOPSIDE makes it up close and personal and uncomfortable. Watch it and be forever changed. Well done!!!

10 / 10


Edge of your seat climatic! Run don't walk to see this movie when the opportunity presents itself! I was blown away by the actors- the second half is almost unbearable in its intensity- but leads to a feeling of deep understanding when it is all over..........

10 / 10


This polarizing movie is not for the faint of heart. It is unnerving and disturbing and subsequently stays with you for a long time. It has won awards and amazing reviews from many critics- you cannot argue with that....I cried - I cried a river of tears for Nikki and LIttle. When your emotions are touched so deeply by a movie - it has driven its message home. After digging a little- you find out the truth about the movie- Little was indeed homeless...her family walked into the casting call for Topside thinking it was a soup kitchen. It doesn't get more real that that. Obviously it is not for everyone- it is intelligent and affecting....shows NYC in a light we are not used to seeing it- a glaring SPOTLIGHT. The end breaks your heart completely in two. Well done to the film makers- looking forward to your next release.