Top Gunner: Danger Zone (2022)

Michael Broderick, Gina Daidone, Alex Herrald, Edwin Modlin II, David Thomas Newman, Jack Pearson,
US fighter jets are attacked by a squadron of mysterious warplanes and a deadly battle ensues, threatening life above and below.
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  • 2022-06-08 Added:
  • Marc Gottlieb, Writer:
  • Glenn Miller, Director:
  • Producer:
1 / 10

Knock off film of the ACTUAL top gun: danger zone

This film was made to scam people into renting/buying the wrong Top Gun movie. It is incredibly low production value.

They had planes that would magically change between takeoff and landing.

10 / 10

You never lose that loving feeling!

Forget about Tom Cruise. This is the REAL DANGER ZONE! This spectacular guerrila piece of filmmaking will take you for a ride (out of your money) and take those precious minutes you could be spending with your loved ones.

You'll be completely amazed at every little second of this and question your own reality. Is there a plot? Is there such a thing as acting school? Could my little brother be a screenwriter? Who am I?

You will be loving the ending, because finally is over. And you'll never lose that loving feeling of never have to watch it again!

1 / 10

NOT THE ONE ..............

VERY SNEAKY .......Not the one everyone as been waiting over 30 years for its a cheap and very badly made film hoping to cash in on the Top gun Maverick FILM ......It must have cost at least £ 9.99 and the massive cast (all 6 of them ) watch at your own peril .........

1 / 10

Movie made with keeping in mind to trick people to watch it

It's not Top gun 2 of tom cruise. I am deleting this.

This is just some tricky movie made with intentionally keeping this name to trick you.

But Don't get trapped like i did and do not watch it.

1 / 10

Don't Bother

Only reason would buy dvd/blu-rays of this was if selling them as a job for clay pigeon targets. I know actors/film makers need to earn a living, but doing these will never forward your career.