Top Five (2014)

Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart,
A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality television star fiancée talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her television show.
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2 / 10

Awful. Just awful. Walked out.

In my life, I have never walked out of a movie. Usually, I read reviews first to get a feel - which helps. This time it didn't help. I'm completely at a loss to explain the high ratings this movie seems to be getting on IMDb. First, I love Chris Rock's stand-up. He is gutsy, funny, well- timed, and has a great delivery. This movie on the other hand, which I guess is semi-autobiographical, is the complete opposite in every way. I thought this movie was poorly written, poorly acted, poorly directed. Awkward pace, no action, no insight into a collection of very poorly defined and completely uninteresting characters. Why is it called Top Five? I guess there was a short scene where they discussed the top five rappers? Maybe there was something at the very end of this movie (I walked out after what felt like 4 hours) that explained the title a bit better. I hope so. What a meaningless mess. I know, I know, I'm supposed to feel so bad for Chris and how hard it is to deal with his success, as he rides around in limos and parties with his humorless family (Tracy Morgan plays a family member who eats a lot, which I guess is supposed to be hilarious observational comedy) and uninteresting, crude friends (oh look! Jerry Seinfeld playing himself only without any humor added). I'm old enough to remember Richard Pryor's "Jo Jo Dancer" movie, which I guess this was a bit of an homage to. I hated that movie, and I hate this one. OK, it's hard to be rich and famous when everybody has money and drugs for you. I feel so bad for your condition. Now please go back to stand-up where you belong, and get OVER yourself. I guess this is your personal life, Chris, andmaybe this movie represents your healing catharsis. I only wish you'd tried to inject a little humor or - how about this - MEANING along the way. Don't believe the good reviews on this movie. Top Five is a crude, indulgent, esoteric, humorless, mess.

1 / 10

Chris Rock Is Not Even Trying!

This movie is like watching your favorite team lose the World Series and then finding out that they were paid by gamblers to lose on purpose! Chris Rock has been my hero ever since I saw him in the 1991 drug movie NEW JACK CITY. He was hardly more than a teenager at the time, with no acting training at all, and he played the most devastatingly real crack addict ever put on film. He did more acting in that one role, in that one film, than his "Breakfast Club" costar Judd Nelson did in his whole shabby career. But of course, there are reasons why Chris Rock could never have the mainstream appeal that a scintillating talent like Judd Nelson had. Now I had heard that this movie was Chris Rock's masterpiece. I heard it was incisive, outspoken, that he revealed all the entertainment industry's buried secrets and its shameful double standards. Actually, no. In this movie, Chris Rock is not even trying. He walks around Manhattan with a pretty girl on his arm, making vaguely amusing remarks on random unimportant topics. And I kept watching and thinking, is this it? Is this all? "Did you know that Charlie Chaplin was a genius?" Yes, thank you. I already knew that. Say it ain't so, Chris. Say it ain't so!

7 / 10

Finally, Chris Rock makes a funny movie!

I knew he could do it, And what's cool is that he shows some depth I knew he was capable of, but never saw him do. I think CB4 was the last funny Chris Rock move, and that's saying something, cause it was not really that funny. But finally, Chris Rock writes, directs, and producers his own star vehicle that fully lives up to the comedy spectacular that is Chris Rock. He gets it right with a satire about being a funny man, turned actor who after finding success, fears going back to comedy because he's fears not being funny, but finds a spark in a Times writer who follows him around all day to get to know the man behind the fame. Although, a lot of the movie is a cliche you seen plenty of times in the past, it's heighten by the fact that the filmmaker is Rock himself who's not afraid to share the comedy spotlight with his friends who make funny appearances. From the always funny Kevin Hart who held it down, to Cedric the Entertainer whose funny moment in the trailer was just a small part of his overall funny cameo, plus a few other hilarious cameos from his friends I would not want to spoil. Overall, it was Rock's best moment on the big screen.

1 / 10

Can't be serious

Those that have reviewed this movie must be involved in receiving monies from it. I'm a regular movie goer and this had to be one of the worst I've seen in a long time. Very embarrassing for Chris Rock. Rosario Dawson did her best to make this movie watchable and even believable but this was sad. Chris Rock has never been a good imagine combining bad acting with a terrible movie. Do such and you get Top Five. There are many big names that make an appearance or two in this movie, yet it doesn't help. Cedric the Entertainer plays more of a role than most and has some funny parts. He is like a promoter, pimp, etc that will provide a few laughs but the movie is just awful. This also taught me to not trust the reviews on here. Wow!!!

1 / 10

Top Five.... Worst

This movie left me speechless, literally. It was that bad. I'd like to think of myself as a moderately unbiased movie watcher, as I try to go into every movie with an open mind. I didn't look at any reviews or ratings before going to see this movie. Afterwards it felt like I had just watched a complete mess. The movie is full of completely random, pointless scenes, scenes that drag on for too long, and jokes that just aren't funny. It tried to be one of those off-the-wall crazy comedies like Hangover or Superbad, but isn't even half as funny as either of those movies. I was absolutely baffled to see that critics were giving this movie 8+ out of 10. I can't see how any right-minded person could rate this movie that high I unless they got paid to. This is one of the top five worst movies I've ever seen!