Toof (2018)

Claire-Maria Fox, Claudine-Helene Aumord, Manny Jai Montana, Clayton Frake,
Nana starts to tell the legend of the evil tooth fairy who rips out teeth. Carla is sick of her crazy alcoholic stories and tries to leave, however a power outage suggests something is amiss, something much more sinister than Carla c
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  • Tom Critch, Shannon Holiday, Writer:
  • Louisa Warren, Director:
  • Scott Jeffrey, Producer:
6 / 10

Pretty enjoyable if flawed low-budget British effort

Trying to make it a quick trip, a woman brings her son to her mother's remote farm to locate an important document left behind, but when they come to realize that her mothers' warnings of a dire creature from the past have come back to seek revenge on the family must stop the creature from attacking and killing their neighbors.

This one was a watchable if still somewhat underwhelming effort. When this one works is due to the main creature getting loose which is rather fun at times. The opening chase through the barn from a shapeshifting figure before being burned alive with a victim is a solid start to this, while the resurrection and attack on the homeless man living on the farm is a genuinely brutal encounter. So are the attack scenes out away from the farm as the chilling and creepy sequences in the bedroom of their friends' daughter or the stellar sequence at the trailer which has a lot to like about it as it leads into the finale at the barn. With the being having abducted the family and taken them to the furnace in the barn for a fine confrontation, this has some nice action and plenty of cheese. Along with a creepy lead villain and quite impressive gore for an indie effort, this one was really fun at times. There are a few flaws to be had here. The main issue on display is the dreadful and utterly snail-like pacing that robs the film of a lot of the momentum it's trying to build. A major cause of that is the initial introduction of the family at the farm where several storylines come into focus which is incredibly worthwhile to bring about more of a connection to them but is done in a slow, lifeless manner. Learning about the mothers' desire to reveal the truth about the curse on the family, her complete unwillingness to accept her mothers' attempts to apologize for the past or the burgeoning romance with her ex who still lives there, serve the film well to create plenty of depth and intriguing characters but also ends up leaving the main character to such a small portion of the film because there are dragged out at such a slow tempo. These could've played to the same scene just with an extra bit of urgency which would've cut down on the running time slightly. The other minor issue is the low-budget limitations that pop up at points. The obvious sets and recycled buildings from previous films set at the exact same place come off as a cheat due to being so familiar, much like the repeated cast and crew in much the same roles they've done on those other films. The constant mentions of a character calling someone who looks much younger her mother borders on the comical and the mask used for the villain looks flimsy and about to fall apart at the slightest touch despite the creepy design. While these aren't that detrimental as most won't notice or even care about these issues in the slightest, they do need to be mentioned as it could be a problem for some who have issues with their aspect in their films.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, a clothed sex scene and drug use.

5 / 10

Bizarrely cast independent dentistry horror.

It's difficult to know what to make of this. The first few scenes made me think the production was a spoof, so incredible were the casting choices. Jen (Claudine-Helene Aumord) is visited by her resentful daughter Carla (Claire-Maria Fox), who looks exactly the same age. Father Rueben (Will Dodd) looks even younger, resplendent with a few grey flecks of hair and growling for all he's worth to convince us of his 'advanced' years. It's difficult to think of a worse start to a film.

Things improve slightly when the Tooth Fairy turns up, all distorted voice and Halloween mask. Suddenly, there's a bit of gore and the tantalising idea of people suffering other peoples' pain when having their teeth hammered out. In among the grubby soap-opera-level squabbles, the creature is revealed as a family curse, in a series of flashbacks spread throughout. All accompanied by the strains of a mournful piano.

This is an independent film, and I like independent films. And yet it suffers more than most with its limitations - it has no pace, and the acting varies from scene to scene. Even so, the location is beautiful and well-photographed and some moments are well directed. My score is 5 out of 10.

1 / 10

Who did the casting?!

Stilted dialogue and lack of story or setup aside, the "father" looks like a 20 year old with some grey spray in his hair who is desperately trying to sound like a grizzled old man; his "daughter" gets a visit from her "daughter"... who looks 10 years older than her.

I mean.... we're not talking Oscar calibre anything here, but surely getting age appropriate actors isn't difficult...?

There's no passage of time other than what's indicated by the terrible exposition and strained dialogue, so it may as well be the next day on from the opening scene.

Ugh. Sorry, but whinging English characters don't do it for me. But if everything I've written is your cup of tea, then give this a watch. And you have my deepest sympathies!

5 / 10

Love it for the comedic value!

Some of the highlights of this film inspired me to write a review. The finer highlights:

-The "grandma" being younger than the daughter

-The "grandpa"'s silly wig

-The inventive use of dental implements such as toothbrush and floss as death instruments

-The silly ghost mask used for the bad guy

Overall, a solid 5 as far as bad horror movies go. I am always interested in seeing a new spin on an old classic theme and this one failed miserably! It did make me laugh out loud, though, and inspired me to write this review. Give it a try, if for anything other than the laughs!

1 / 10


If you're like me sometimes a review meant to push away makes me want to watch it more. They'll go on and on about what happens, why, who, blah blah blah.

Here's all my advice... Don't. Just don't watch it. You'll seriously wish you had listened to me! :)