Tomorrow Night (1998)

Jim Earl, Frank Senger, Todd Barry, Chuck Sklar,
Charles is the owner of a photo-shop. He is not too friendly and spends his evenings alone, and one day he finally decides to get a social life. He meets elderly Florence, who is tormented by her gambling husband Lester and longs for
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7 / 10

The Laemmle Theate audience was thoroughly whacked and guffawing at the screening...exquisitely funny and out there.

Starring the exquisite veteran Martha Greenhouse as a horny old senior, Louis C.K.'s absurdist b & w psychological howler, Tomorrow Night, rocked the L.A. Laemmle Theater audience in it's June, 2000 screenings. With an array of New York characters heads and goiters above Woody Allen's pale squatters--an angry chain-smoking Queen hungry for a few fingers, Lola Vagina - love temptress, and a homy postman funnier and wiser than any Greek Chorus, Louis C.K. o'er-leaps his tv and comedy club roots and lures his audience into a deeper, darker, and more difficult tradition of absurdist cinema laughs--hard to pull off, but he did it, combining fetish, aging, repression, queerness, friendship, and yearning into a timeless, fresh, and ultimately hysterical--in all the best ways-

7 / 10

Really, really out there.

Very funny film, but be warned, it's out there. Think Woody Allen on a seriously mind-altering drug.

8 / 10

Hilarious and Intriguing

Something totally different from Louis CK!

The main character draws you in and the supporting cast is hilarious.

Some standout performances by Chuck Sklar, Rick Shapiro, Steve Carell and J.B. Smoove.

Chuck Sklar plays the straight man so well you just have to find out what he's hiding.

Rick Shapiro as Tina has some of the funniest lines and facial expressions in the movie.

Steve Carell's scenes will have you laughing as hard as he is.

And I want J.B. Smoove to be my mailman!

The movie reminds me of a Woody Allen flick if Woody Allen shot and edited the film on mushrooms and nitrous.

So forget trying to make any logical sense of the movie and enjoy the hilarious trip.

9 / 10

Quirky but Pure Joy

This little film is such a gem. The little episodes are such great everyday surreal. Not 'leave the universe' surreal... just an interesting alt perspective of how really strange but true is the world. A quick compare: if you enjoyed a film like Down by Law or the original Little Shop of Horrors, you should just stop what you are doing right now and watch this movie. I love that it sat for so long because the cast is (in 2014)very surprising--lots of big names from comedy doing great characters. A small but happy bonus is the set of the photo shop. There are so many cameras. The shelves of the photo shop look like a museum of hipster photography--those backdrops are like porn for camera nuts! Thanks, Louie! A great little film.

7 / 10

This is weird

This is a very strange movie. This is possibly the strangest movie I have ever seen. That being said, it is quite enjoyable, especially for fans of Louis C.K.

Some scenes are very funny, you can see Louis C.K.'s humor throughout the film. However, it is really weird, everything is exaggerated greatly in this movie to the point where it barely resembles reality. Definitely not something that everyone will enjoy. If you are a Louis C.K. fan, and are willing to spend some time watching something very different from mainstream movies, watch it. It's only $5, what have you got to lose (besides $5 and an hour and a half)?