Tokyo Sunrise (2015)

Takashi Fujimura, Reiko Fujiwara, Ryûju Kobayashi, Mei Kurokawa,
Hashire, zetsub? ni oitsukarenai hayasa de is a movie starring Takashi Fujimura, Reiko Fujiwara, and Yoshi Iida. 'Tokyo Sunrise' presents a young man's journey to face an incomprehensible death of his best friend.
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4 / 10

...could be but not

For some reason a guy touched the Life of many people but somehow does not (for what the story shows) did that with schoolmate gal from the past.After his death, his best friend decided to follow a possible path to find that gal and may be found some answers or just close and complete the circle.In those few days he found his own path to a supposed state of freedomAll that via couple of draws and paints done by his buddy.Kind of poetic but the story fails in the attempt to sum all these parts as a whole unit.

Low budget movie recorded in digital but with good camera working and right colors palette.