To the Moon (\N)

Will Brill, Madeleine Morgenweck, Scott Friend,
A weekend of healing for Dennis and Mia becomes a hallucinatory nightmare when Dennis' estranged brother arrives and begins to distort their sense of reality.
  • 4.4 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2019-12-05 Added:
  • Writer:
  • Director:
  • Everett Hendler, Stephanie Randall, Gabriel Wilson, Producer:


10 / 10

Solid Flic

Expertly shot, this movie will keep you guessing the whole time and thinking about it for a quite a while afterwards . Far from a typical thriller with a predictable ending, this movie features a very relatable storyline. Withdrawal can be a mind bending journey, difficult to distinguish the tricks your mind is playing on you from what is really going on and that is captured here in spades. The dynamic between the characters is tense and that easily felt through the screen. The setting of the film could not have been better, it added an extra layer of spookiness and seclusion. Definitely recommended.

10 / 10

Suspenseful and Tense

Not your average cabin in the woods thriller or suspense! To The Moon is a quietly searing portrayal of broken relationships and how individuals choose to mend them. When an unexpected visitor arrives on a couples getaway attempt to revive their bond, the uncertainty unravels.

The characters are well developed, the pacing is engaging, while the story keeps you at arms length from where the story is actually heading.

The acting from the three leads is fantastic and each of them keeps you on edge with each scene, unsure who you can actually trust. Watch this with the lights off and your popcorn close because you'll devour it all with eagerness for more.

7 / 10

Kept me wondering

A refreshing and solid debut effort. I first saw Will Brill in The OA playing Scott Brown and he was great in To the Moon as Roger. I'd like to see more from Scott Friend.

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