Thrill Ride (2016)

Kristen Johnston, Lucas Jade Zumann, Helen Sadler, Tim Kazurinsky,
Three kids sneak into a theme park where the attractions magically come alive. With help from a sea witch, the kids must battle an evil mermaid, pirates, a dragon and an armada of monsters. Stars Kristen Johnston and Lucas Jade Zu...
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4 / 10

Something for a younger audience...

As I sat down here late in 2022 to watch the 2016 family adventure movie "Thrill Ride", it was without ever having heard about it. I stumbled upon the movie by random chance, and opted to watch it together with my 12 year old son, as it seemed that it could be a wholesome family movie.

The storyline in "Thrill Ride", as written by Chris Parrish and Mason Parrish, was adequate enough. Sure, this movie was watchable, but it was aiming at a younger audience, and as such then it wasn't a particularly thrill ride of a movie, pardon the pun, for me to sit through. Yet, I managed to endure it to the end. Even my 12 year old son said that the movie wasn't all that great. So I guess the target audience for a movie such as "Thrill Ride" is maybe 8 to 10.

I was initially lured into picking up "Thrill Ride" because of the cover, as it did have that wholesome family movie thing to it.

The acting performances in the movie were fair enough. I was only familiar with Kristen Johnston on the cast list. But I will say that they had a nice enough collection of talented actors and actresses to portray the roles in the movie.

I guess I sat down and watched "Thrill Ride" with a too much analytical viewpoint, and as such there was just so many things in the plot and the indoor amusement park that made little or no sense at all. Especially the subterranean secret ride. I am not even going to go there, because it was so far out there.

Not a movie that I was particularly impressed with. Nor it is a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time.

My rating of director Chris Parrish's 2016 movie "Thrill Ride" lands on a very generous four out of ten stars.

6 / 10

Good but could've done better

To be completely honest I was only interested because Lucas Zumann was in this, seeing how this is a kids movie I'll go light on my spoiler free review. The story it self was really good I liked the imagery and I loved the comedy the acting was questionable, line delivery needs some work, and the graphics were pretty cute ( it's a kids movie so I don't really care if the graphics aren't great I just care about the story) but I still enjoyed it. Loved every bit of it even though the acting could've been better and the line delivery but other that that the movie was great definitely recommend ??