Thor: God of Thunder (2022)

Vernon Wells, Myrom Kingery, Vaune Suitt, Tyler Albrecht,
Thor's villainous uncle Loki has escaped Asgard to search for Yggdrasil - The Tree of the Nine Realms. The tree holds the power of the Universe and is hidden away on Earth. With the help of giant wolf god Fenrir, Loki plans to des...
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  • Steve Doucette, Writer:
  • Noah Luke, Director:
  • David Michael Latt, Producer:

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3 / 10

Kids movie

This is a movie for Kids of maximum 12 years old.

Dumb storyline with stupid twists, terrible "special" effects, a whining Thor, annoying statements that humans are even better than Norwegian Gods and Odin who looks like an old rocker who has been drinking to much booze and sniffing to much white powder....

What a waste of time watching this dumb movie and do yourself a big favor: stay away from this big fiasco!

You have been warned!!

1 / 10


This is absolutely the most horrible, awful, tragic movie I have ever seen..We used a few movie coupon to watch it what a waste..After 7 agonizing minutes we turned it off....Actors were C scale.. if that.. why would they want to be associated with this movie in any way..

4 / 10

Another archetypical mockbuster from The Asylum...

Right, well there is no secret here, that I wasn't harboring a single expectation to the 2022 mockbuster "Thor: God of Thunder" from The Asylum. I mean, just take a look at the movie's cover/poster and you know what you're in for here.

And then the fact that the most famous actor on the cast list was Vernon Wells, then you just know that you're not exactly in for a top of the line production here. However, I still opted to give "Thor: God of Thunder" a fair chance, as it does happen every now again on a blue moon, that The Asylum actually churns out a movie worthwhile watching.

"Thor: God of Thunder", however, was not really one of those instances.

The storyline in the movie, as written by Steve Doucette was pretty generic and straight forward. In fact, it did turn out to be as you would expect from The Asylum really. And if you are familiar with the more dubious of mockbusters from The Asylum, then you know what you are getting here.

The acting in the movie was adequate. I mean, you're not in for anything that will harvest any awards, and given the limitations of the script, then the actors and actresses did fair enough with what they had to work with.

The special effects in "Thor: God of Thunder" were somewhat dubious. Now, I will say that this wasn't exactly among the worst of CGI and special effects ever seen in movies from The Asylum. But nor were the special effects particularly grand or impressive.

My rating of "Thor: God of Thunder" lands on a generous four out of ten stars.

5 / 10

An ok movie

Performances and story are ok. You can tell the budget and what not, but for what it is, it's not that bad. This kind of movie are a gateway for up and coming directors and actors. Cheers.

7 / 10

A eyeopener for understanding thor

This film is actually based on Norse mythology and anybody who wants to understand thor and his relatives should see this movie......rather the direction and props were just bad, actors were not that good, unnecessary motivational cringy lines and overall. A bad picture.