This was America (2019)

Michael Coughlan,
This Was America is a movie starring Caylin Turner, Simon Phillips, and Michael Coughlan. USA 2029. The borders are closed as part of a racially intolerant agenda. All non citizens are being deported - one family fights to stay...
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7 / 10

Tried spanking off to this but there were no hot girls

I realy want to snif AOC underwear but nvm. Also shout out to /tv/ they told me this movie epic now you see me 2 super movie hindi subtitle

1 / 10

quite possible

.. if you lot keep this sorta crap up and if there are no other options but to reelect due to option#2 being a repeat of the worst admin in the history of the usa, the same admin that put us in this mess in the first place!! give us a better option and then we'll talk nk.. until then he stays put nk. and when canada, mexico, europe etc etc etc abolishes its immigration requirements, then maybe we'll do the same heh. until then even american born citizens have to abide by the same laws - laws that were enacted LOOOOOONG before potus come lately.. and also the same laws option #2 enforced. but I digress. what imbecile wants to live in 21st century violent deviant opportunistic self centered greedy hypocritical murder capital of the world antiwhitemale racizt america anyway?! n please.

1 / 10

Unwatchable rubbish

Had to stop this after 10minutes. Not due to the topic of the movie, but due to the terrible acting and production quality. This was a really effortless production

10 / 10

Great movie

Dont believe the snowflake Trumptards about this movie

7 / 10

Of course this will attract the ire of all the bigots out there...

If anything this film soft pedals what is going on even right now...if allowed to continue it will be much, much worse!

And absolutely not, both sides are not equally to blame. Democrats may, at many times be too weak and spineless and all too fearful, but the Reptilians and trumpler will lie, cheat and steal right out in broad daylight for everyone to see and then tell you to your face that they did not do so...or just ignore the question altogether.

To say nothing of the ubiquitous and absolutely incredible hypocrisy constantly on display.

This film is not great, but it is earnest, sincere and watchable.

Now try to watch the loathsome diatribes emanating from "the other side" with "alternate facts" that must have been extracted via enema...