This Is Personal (2019)

This Is Personal is a movie starring Erika Andiola, Bob Bland, and Angela Davis. The Women's March mobilized millions of women to protest after the inauguration of President Trump. But working across ideologies to combat injustice...
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  • Paul McGuire, Ruchi Mital, Joy Gorman Wettels, Producer:

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1 / 10

Absolutely third class movie

Bloody propaganda movie. 0 star from me.. totally waste of time..

1 / 10

Utter Tripe

How can any reasonable person take this propaganda seriously? Gosh turn down the knob.

8 / 10

This deserves stars.

Well produced and compiled, this documentary that starts off talking exclusively about the 2016 women's march, it branches off into other instersections of women, touching on different, uncomfortable topics throughout. There are many interviews and clips from real activists from many different backgrounds, reminding us of the dangers of extremism, the struggles of marginalized communities, and the power to fight hate with love.

As I write, the average rating for females is 9, and for males is 3. Do not let the frustration of men hiding behind screens deter you. They do not know better. If you are passionate about social issues at all, this is a good, empowering story for black, brown, old, young, mothers and daughters, undocumented citizens, etc. This is an intimate story about modern day activists that risk life and limb to save as many vulnerable persons as they can, and the tumultuous lives they lead in the age of social media.

This /is/ personal.