They/Them (2022)

Kevin Bacon, Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, Theo Germaine,
LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale set at a gay conversion camp.
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  • John Logan, Director:
  • Michael Aguilar, Jason Blum, Producer:


3 / 10

Oh Kevin how you have let me down!

I decided to watch this movie just because Kevin was in it, thought surely it must be good, Kevin is in it! ...It wasn't.

10 minutes in it was obvious who the killer was. Question was "why?"... and that wasn't revealed until later and it was so underwhelming.

Was hoping for some indiscriminate killing and people running around screaming for their lives, hiding, fearing... None of it. That's what I expected going into the movie...

1 / 10

Even Bacon couldn't save this

Really wanted to like this. Bacon was great as always, unfortunately that is where it stops.

The acting of the rest of the cast was atrocious. If they had cast this well, with people who could act, that would automatically make it so much better.

It was way too preachy, rather than being done tastefully. There are ways of fitting agenders into films without forcing it so much.

Also this is not a horror film.

Lots of fake high reviews on here from people angry about the low reviews and accusing the low reviewers of not watching the film. I watched the whole film.

3 / 10

Insanely Terrible

Believe me when I say this. That was one of the worst films I've ever watched. I'm sure Kevin Beacon was super pissed after watching the final cut. The film would of been a lot better if they stuck with the basic slasher film concept. You know, the one where a masked maniac runs around the woods killing campers and counselors. Because let's be honest here, every character in this film was unlikable except for the dog. It would of been nice to watch them all get hacked up. 3 stars.

1 / 10

Insulting to the entire horror genre

This is not a horror movie. The pacing and plot elements and cinematography would lead one to think so, but it is not. Interesting premise that is totally wasted with a terrible script and bizarre acting. The *very* few scenes involving violence are predictable and WHAT ON EARTH is Kevin Bacon doing in this movie?

The "twist" at the end is a mediocre excuse to try and make a social statement. I have no idea what that statement is, but I do know that this movie was a waste of my time.

4 / 10

They/Them fails to deliver the slashing

They/Them is a dissatisfying slasher that has interesting ideas, and a decent first half. But quickly divulges into a dull and uninspired slasher.

Starting off with the good, Kevin Bacon and Theo Germaine are very good with the material their given. Theo Germaine especially is a standout as this actor gives some surprising depth to his character. Speaking of depth all of these young kids actually have some character scenes that feel real. There's quite a bit of great emotional scenes between these characters which really made the film more grounded. And the first half of this film was actually somewhat decent. The physiological horror is actually done pretty well.

However despite some good ideas and good character moments, this film is a tonal mess from the last 30 minutes. The pacing is way too slow, in fact it's not really even a slasher for about 75 minutes. The movie builds to really nothing. It almost makes the slasher part of the film feel unnecessary, and almost a completely different film than the first half. The kills are very dull and uninventive, there's no creativity here. There's no tension or even any chase scenes. The movie falls back on a lot of horror clichés, and it made the final act very boring and disappointing. There's also some really bad editing in the final 20 minutes that make some scenes involving a certain character and the killer make no sense. And finally the killer was blatantly obvious. It's a terrible twist that you can see coming a mile away and really it makes you look back and see that none of our protagonist were in actual danger with the killer

Overall They/Them has an interesting premise, but doesn't do anything with that premise and offers no thrills, no blood, awful motivation, and a lack of scares.