They Crawl Beneath (2022)

Joseph Almani, Karlee Eldridge, Michael Paré, Elena Sahagun,
After an earthquake leaves Danny trapped and alone, his claustrophobic nightmare only gets worse when something truly horrifying emerges from the fissures in the ground, forcing him to engage in a brutal fight for his life and his...
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  • 2022-09-26 Added:
  • Tricia Aurand, Writer:
  • Dale Fabrigar, Director:
  • Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Kevin Goetz, Neil Goetz, Stephen Hornyak, Producer:


8 / 10

Not to shabby for a B

Hey hey. This isn't for you spoiled new age horror fans. This is a decent one for us long time horror fans who watch em all. Low budget, not to good a script, super B movie so it's watched and judged as such. Actors werent great, but pretty good and they had an old school veteran supporting the movie so that also bumps it to a B+ movie. Effects were reminiscent of late 80s early 90s. I liked the storyline overall. I dug it and appreciate watching. Thanks for your hard work to the cast, crew, and production. This 600 words thing is still the most ridiculous thing ever. Not sure how much longer I'll keep leaving reviews.

2 / 10

Laughably terrible. It's so terrible I actually first thought this was a parody!

Not any good? Well, I had a laugh alright, when I started watching this movie, because it was so utterly terrible, that I actually thought this might be a parody, a conscious attempt to make a terrible horror movie that was meant to evoke laughter instead of horror. But ofcourse this wasnt the case!

The bad: this is NOT horror. This is NOT thrilling for one second.

What is it then? Amateur hour. We get to see a guy laying trapped under a car for an hour long. Well, you might think, isnt that dramatic? NOPE. The "actors" starring in this product are C-listed actors, who usually only would get roles in tv commercials or tv soap series, wherein any acting capabilities are not important.

3 / 10

Too uneventful to be overly enjoyable...

I had never heard about this 2022 horror movie titled "It Crawls Beneath" (aka "They Crawl Beneath") before stumbling upon it by random chance. So I had literally no idea what I was in for here, but the synopsis for the movie sounded interesting enough. And actually with it being a horror movie, then of course I had to watch the movie.

While the concept idea behind "It Crawls Beneath" was interesting and had potential, then writer Tricia Aurand only managed to put together a script and storyline that was subpar. Sure, "It Crawls Beneath" was watchable enough for what it was, but this movie just simply didn't bring much of anything to the table. And I have to say that the narrative in the movie was too mundane, slow paced and there just simply wasn't enough of anything interesting happening to keep 88 minutes of the movie entertaining.

The acting performances in the movie were fair enough, but the actors and actresses literally had a very little to work with in terms of a properly constructed storyline, interesting characters or riveting dialogue. The only familiar face on the screen here was Michael Paré.

Visually then "It Crawls Beneath" sort of felt like something that had crawled out of the late 1980s or early 1990s, pun intended here. The special effects, while suitable enough for this particular slow paced and uneventful movie, just didn't feel like something grand or spectacular, and definitely didn't feel like something at the top of what effects are like in 2022.

I managed to sit through director Dale Fabrigar's horror movie here, but I wasn't particularly entertained. This is not a horror movie that I would recommend for horror aficionados, nor is it a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time.

My rating of "It Crawls Beneath" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

7 / 10

A generally fun if slightly-flawed creature feature

After being rattled by an earthquake, a police officer discovers a strange species of worm before another aftershock traps him inside the garage of his house unable to reach help, and when he realizes the worms have returned and have a taste for blood tries to fight them off and get rescued.

There was quite a lot to like about this one. One of the better features here is an impressive setup that manages to provide this one with an enjoyable grounding for what's to come. After getting all the required bits about their relationship together and the interactions with his dad about what's going on between them, the lead-in to the discovery of the worm species and the few bits of their biology that are revealed here become quite intriguing. It all offers up a strong early showing here with the fateful aftershock that effectively traps him inside the garage for the rest of the film that's brief enough to get an idea of everything without bogging the film down too much. This allows the film to generate a strong series of creature attacks throughout here. Confining the action to the dark garage that's compounded by being stuck under the car, this situation allows an extra bit of suspense as the scenario of being unable to move and always being just unlucky enough to signal outside help or alert others to his predicament manages to move along into the series of encounters where the creatures appear out of the darkness to attack either him or the prone body of his father. Being able to generate some minor additional info about the creatures while also allowing the practical effects-driven creatures to shine quite nicely, the second half here is rather heavily filled with scenes involving him trying to stay alive long enough to overcome the effects of the creatures long enough to require rescue and get some enjoyable gore along the way. These manage to keep this one fun enough to have a lot to like. There isn't much to hold this one down but it does have some issues. Among the biggest factors here belong the utterly lifeless and unnecessary padding that goes on to try to stretch out this flimsy story to a feature-length running time. Those issues revolve around the infuriatingly stupid backstory that emerges involving the relationship quarrels between him and his estranged girlfriend that focus on the cliche story of a ruthless cop determined to make a difference and his significant other comparing their behavior to a psychopath with a death warrant. None of it is original or creative and serves mainly to add her into the proceedings when she doesn't have anything to do in the film. Likewise, an equally cringe-filled storyline that doesn't need to be included involves an extramarital affair that's discovered between people who don't matter which just eats up time. Combined with some cheesy CGI work that doesn't need to be there, these issues manage to bring this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

6 / 10

Potential wasted in unexplainable ways to create an artistical failure

Imagine you are trapped in a room with some monstrous creatures hunting you. This is the premise and it works very well! Unfortunately, almost everything else doesn't. And it is strange because the actors were OK, most of them.

The biggest problem are the monsters. They are run of the mill three jawed worms coming from under the ground. After a small attempt to explain them logically, the movie makes them function completely differently from how they were described. And they are pathetically low budget. You can only suspend your disbelief so much before you start laughing out loud.

Then there are the side stories that have absolutely nothing to do with the main plot! Family drama, relationship drama, a neighbor that appears at the beginning, leaves for town and is never mentioned again, a scientist that appears for a short while only to vanish completely, an entire background of being a policeman (even if the guy is practically blind without glasses) that never materializes and so on and so on.

What probably annoys most of the viewers is the potential of this film which was completely wasted in silly ways. One can almost see what it could have been if only edited differently or if some of the ideas in it would have been explored more. The venom of the worms is hallucinogenic. At times the victim believes fantastical things happen. Could that have been used to increase the stakes? Of course. They just didn't. Then there is the nature of the monsters. They are worms! Could they have made them be more gross, infect their hosts somehow, increase the fear. Of course. They just didn't. The plot sounds a lot like a Covid film, with a tiny cast in a small location. But they had 10 people in it, with at most three that mattered in any way. Could they had given them more to do, die horribly and graphically at least? Of course. They just didn't.

Bottom line: you want an entertaining worm horror movie watch Tremors again for the 15th time. It's still good. It Crawls Beneath could probably be very amusing in a MisT3k kind of way, while drinking with friends.