There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane (2011)

There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane is a TV movie starring Jesse Temple, Brad Katinas, and Diane Schuler. This documentary explores the depth behind the case of a woman whose vehicle collision killed numerous people, including...
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/ 10

There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane (2011)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Another hard-hitting documentary from HBO takes a look at the tragiccase of Diane Shuler, the woman who drove the wrong way down a NYhighway and eventually killed herself, her daughter, three nieces aswell as three men in the other vehicle. Her family, and especially herwidowed husband, believes that the toxicology reports saying she wasdrunk were incorrect so he tries to use this documentary to clear hername, which doesn't happen. Watching this film you can't help but getangry and sad. Sad because so many innocent lives were lost in whatappears to be a drunk driving case at best and at worse perhaps somesort of suicide on the part of Diane. There are several theories givenabout what happened and it's clear that her husband wants to clear hername but it really does seem as if he's just trying to come up withanything to get over his grief. One really can't blame him for how hefeels but at the same time I grew angry at him for coming up withanything to clear his wife. This includes saying the toxicology reportswere wrong and he even wants to question a third report that prettymuch confirms she was drunk. The film works pretty well as a mystery asone starts to think that something "other" happened to Diane but to meit was pretty obvious she was drunk no matter what else she wasfeeling. The documentary also interviews the three male victim'sfamilies and it's rather heartbreaking to hear them say they werepreparing a meal when the three didn't make it home for it. THERE'SSOMETHING WRONG WITH AUNT DIANE isn't a very easy film to watch but itcertainly makes you appreciate time with her family because you simplynever know when something like this could happen.

6/10 / 10

This is a quite simple tale that deeply and indirectly delves into howhumans are prone to denial when in the face of staggering pain. Dianewas a woman who rode her car against the traffic tide, hitting anoncoming car, killing herself, all the passengers in the met vehicleand a slew of her children. As the father struggles with the deaths,the news of Diane's intoxication are released: alcohol and THC. Thedocumentary starts just half a year after the deaths occurred. To me,what "really happened" isn't the interesting stuff, but the denial is;seeing all of the people talk is the thing. It's the journey, not thegoal, whatever that would be. Interesting but not well edited; couldhave been better if the reins were held tighter.

7 / 10

slow start

There's a fatal traffic accident that left aunt Diane, her daughter, 3 nieces and 3 men in the other car dead. The case is revealed slowly. In fact, it's done too slowly. What went wrong? After watching so many police procedurals, it's obviously that we need the tox report but they keep holding it off. Instead, they keep going to family and friends who repeat the same sentiment. She's a great mom, and they have no idea what happened. Once we really get into it. It is a fascinating story. The family starts giving more insights. The story gets moving. However in the end, we don't really get the whole story. The movie could be a simple hour-long investigative piece that ties in with the larger drug epidemic. It's not necessary to drag this out so much.

6 / 10

This was way too long

This should have been about an hour. What this film comes down to is one more test to see if Diane was drunk or not when she fatally killed 8 people with her van.

There is many victims of this car accident. Diane's husband is also a victim. His wife died as well as daughters. He is now a single father. He believes his wife's autopsy report was wrong. The report says her blood alcohol was .19. You are legally drunk .08 and above!

Now my opinion about this woman was that since her husband and herself worked opposite shifts he did not know she was heavy drinker. To this day I am sure he doesn't think she was but trust me .19 meant she was most likely not a "Casual Drinker".

With that being said I do feel bad for him. We learn in this documentary that he is still struggling with loss. WE also see he is now a victim of internet bullying. People should leave him alone.

This is worth watching however this entire would have been more effective if they had edited it down. Many of the same things get repeated by the same people.

10 / 10

accidents happen people

accidents happen, sounds like this lady stopped at MacDonalds bit down on the bad tooth, was in terrible pain, and drank and smoked some pt to help relive the bad pain she was in not realizing what it was going to do to her.

Jay Schuler seems like a really special person, nice lady for sure