The Wrong Valentine (2021)

Vivica A. Fox, Mariah Robinson, Arie Thompson, Evan Adams,
As Valentine's Day approaches, a high-school senior attracts the attention of a new student who might have ulterior motives.
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  • Robert Dean Klein, Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, Writer:
  • David DeCoteau, Director:
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4 / 10


Dear lord above!!!

The acting from everyone was horrific, especially the villain David! Annoying face, annoying hair and generally just annoyingly bad!!!!

Worth a watch if nowt else to do though!!!!?

7 / 10

Lifetime movies..

The channel of unrealistic,over the top & downright cheesy stories.Sometimes forget what movie it is,due to recycled actors & plots.

The mom's acting was over the top & outfits more suited for teens.Was like she was told action,now go enter the room..Always rushing in,honestly a bit ridiculous.

The villian tried hard,just wasn't real great.

I like Vivica but.. Enough! Is there nobody else?Let's not forget homes & more,that seem a bit out of reality.

Was refreshing seeing faces that seemed new,but didn't save this reasonably ok movie.

Won't make my list of movies to rewatch,even in the distant future.

2 / 10

Fun but flimsy

First of all, why are the mother and daughter living in Versailles? The house is ridiculously over the top. Vivica is wonderful as always, the daughter bland, the mother strong. The young man is excellent and keeps it on track, even when the dialog is risible.

6 / 10

A little over the top but good!

Emily meets new student David at her high school who she starts to develop feelings for. But then David starts to begin stalking her, becoming controlling and getting violent. But why? You will have to turn in to see this Lifetime movie which ends with a bang! And of course, Ms Vivica is along for the ride, too! New actor Evan Adams has a nice acting future ahead of him! Recommend this valentine flick.

4 / 10

The Mom ??

The mom was so ridiculously over the top! She was very annoying ??