The Woman in the Window (2019)

Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Wyatt Russell, Julianne Moore,
The Woman in the Window is a movie starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and Anthony Mackie. An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors, only to witness a disturbing act of violence.
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7 / 10

Underwhelming Bland Adaptation of Thrilling Best-Selling Novel

I read this book back in April of 2017 when I was a sophomore in high school and I was so invested in the characters, story, twists. I am a 19 year old male who loves psychological thrillers so this story was right up my alley. I read the book after reading "Big Little Lies" which continued my saga of excellent twisty mysteries. The minute I saw the trailer, I had a feeling it wouldn't be amazing but maybe will still be a great thriller. I'm very underwhelmed with the finished product.

The film feels like an abridged version of the book, making the entire story so rushed that you don't have enough time to care about any of the characters. They are all so underdeveloped which is a tragedy because I was left not caring about any of the characters including the main character. That is the problem. Dr. Anna Fox was just a mess rather than someone the audience can somewhat relate to, she's almost laughable in the film. It wasn't Amy Adam's fault at all, it was the way her character was barely fleshed out. She was just a paranoid agoraphobic mess of a woman which the book expressed but with even more of a humane and understanding touch so the audience can feel something for her for the right reasons. The characters were too one dimensional, leaving the superb cast with not much to play with.

It wasn't that the film was a bore, it was such a try-hard to be suspenseful. The director relied heavily on the look of the film which in this case, didn't end up winning me over like "Atonement" did. I am quite stunned at how this wasn't an HBO or Netflix television show. A limited series that included more scenes from the book for character development would've helped a ton. The film got rid of so many plot points from the book that would've made Anna a lot more likeable and all the characters way more interesting. All the characters were bland pieces of cardboard with a tiny sprig of lavender on top.

I was entertained by the forgettable film which is not what I was hoping for. The book left a mark on me with how exciting and juicy it was while the film felt way too energetic, resulting in missing the biggest punchlines psychological thrillers offer. I could a sense of "let's get this over with" with how the story was told.

I would recommend people read and stick to the phenomenal book. The film is a Sparknotes for those who don't care for this kind of material. But if you like this genre, by all means, don't watch this disappointing adaptation, hoping for the next "Rear Window" meets "Gone Girl" level of brilliance. It's more "The Girl on the Train" meets "Sharp Objects". It had "The Girl on the Train" level of careless forgettable underwhelming drama and the slower pace of the excellently adapted "Sharp Objects" which was an HBO limited series starred also, by the talented and beautiful Amy Adams. I'm giving the film a 7 because of the cast who did the best they could with the mediocre and bland material they received. I'm not saying it's horrible but it's also not amazing so do with what you will with that information.

1 / 10


1 hour and 20 minutes of nothing but slow, mind numbing dialogue followed by 20 minutes of rushed wtf just happened nonsense.

3 / 10

If you want to get invested, read the book

As a big fan of the book, this film was not worth the wait at all. It's way too fast paced and makes the characters near unlikeable. The script is cringe-worthy at points, and makes you wonder why any normal person would say those things. Such a shame as the book is great, the can't say the same about the film really.

5 / 10

Even Amy couldn't save it.

Having read the book I was super excited about the movie ! But alas it was a disappointment. The movie felt like more of a drama than an intriguing thriller. The dialogues sometimes were over the top and the pace lagging, the supporting actors only show up to keep the plot moving. Sadly there is nothing interesting about any of them. Even the two biggest reveals of the story seemed lacklustre. There was a lot of buildup throughout but it just fell flat in the end.

Keeping all the negativity aside Amy as always did a great job.

10 / 10

Amy Adams Oscar's campaign starts NOW

Mysterious and gripping from the very first moments, The Woman in the Window is the most thrilling film in recent memory, elevated by committed performances and stunning cinematography unlike anything seen in recent memory.

The Woman In The Window is one of my absolute favorites of the year. It's ambitious, stylistic, and a very uniquely woven story that fully submerges you into the mystery at hand. I2 years of anticipations and I must say, it was worth the wait!

The agoraphobia angle is a great way to create this feeling for Adams' character that she doesn't have anyone who will believe or help her. We are put in her shoes the same as the characters in the other two films I mentioned. It's that inability for us to get away from this situation. That makes the character so engaging. We want her to be correct despite everything pointing to her being wrong. It's a classic trope, but works.

Adams though gives the performance of her career. She takes these words and she makes them entirely believable coming from her mouth. Her phobia and neurotic nature play perfectly in the hands of this woman with this compulsive disease. She was perfectly cast in this role. I couldn't see another actress in this role. Also in a career-making performance is Fred Hechinger as the son who has much more going on than anyone could have imagined. He is beyond what I could have expected.