The War with Grandpa (2018)

Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Christopher Walken,
War with Grandpa is a movie starring Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, and Christopher Walken. Upset that he has to share the room he loves with his grandfather, Peter decides to declare war in an attempt to get it back.
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  • Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember, Robert Kimmel Smith, Writer:
  • Tim Hill, Director:
  • Phillip Glasser, Marvin Peart, Producer:


4 / 10

Hollywood just keeps making movies like this every year! [+40%]

Not a lot to recommend here; it's your standard, predictable comedy with a dash of feel-good family vibes. A grandfather and his grandson (seen in the poster) indulge in a turf war for the possession of the latter's room in the house. The storyline itself is an excuse for an occasionally funny, mostly drab comedy aimed at family-friendly audiences. A few scenes did crack me up; that dodgeball sequence being one of them. Walken is a wise addition to have in films like these, while Thurman and Riggle turn out far less amusing than expected. If you've got 90 minutes to kill and you're stuck indoors like me, go for it.

7 / 10

Suitable for juveniles only...

It's pathetic to watch such great stars in this film apt for juveniles only. Watch it if you are under 14 years old.....

1 / 10

worst movie 2020

Title says it all, boring, waste of time, not even funny

1 / 10

Absolute garbage

Garbage in, garbage out.Feel free to watch it if you like, but you will never get your time back!

DeNiro is pretty overrated in most everything he does, and I am not sure why...hes just not a convincing actor, more hype than anything I think! In this film its really not much different, seems the choice for "grandpa" was a big miss.

The rest of the flick is fairly predictable and not a convincing script or performance, its hard to even take the fantasy journey of hollywood where you just go with the flow, its just that bad!

Would I recommend...nope!Would I suggest that hollywood allow DeNiro to enjoy his twilight years off the screen and perhaps on a park bench feeding the pigeons...yep!

9 / 10

like dead serious pranks...

Then take a glare in this direction and watch ''war with grandpa''. this is hilarious breath sucking comedy ive seen in a long time, ive never been a deniro fan, just because hes always a raw criminal, or does other serious roles, but actually in this film his dead serious appearance makes him utterly funny.

its the story about an old man just widoved, moving in with his daughter and family, the old bull the builder needs a room of course, and the son of the house has to serrender to his mums wish and he is more or less thrown in the attic, exiled due to a coocooned granddad. there are only one solution to this misdemeanor, WAR!!!

there are many things that makes this a funny film, the story is generic, but it keeps floating due to fast shifting sets, and the stereotypical young vs. old are set on the throne. good and fulfilling score raise the funfactor, and the acting of the whole cast are way above what i expected in todays utterly squemish verbalistic comedy age. and its a shame i almost forgot to mention the pranks and rivalry, it must be superstitious phenomenons that has inspired the production crew, because i had forgotten all the things i used to do when my seriously demented ex-sailor torpedoed 3 times ww2 coal scufling steam boat charlie grandfather moved into our house when i was 11.

there are just one thing for me and my sense of humour to say, its a must see. fun for all ,even minors, pg rating are of dubious caracter. a big recommend from the grumpy old man