The Virtuoso (\N)

The Virtuoso is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Abbie Cornish, and Diora Baird. A lonesome stranger, secure, nerves of steel, must track down and kill a rogue Hitman to satisfy an outstanding debt. But the only information he's...
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  • James C. Wolf, Writer:
  • Nick Stagliano, Director:
  • Thomas R. Rondinella, Producer:


3 / 10

Just disappointing

A movie without any outstanding incident and pretty predictable story. The narrative voice over was added to compensate lack of excitement.

3 / 10

Messy plot, predictable twist, and very shallow characters

No spoilers review.

Ok, at first I got hooked by the trailer, which set me to expect something good out of this movie, and by Anthony Hopkins, who's (usually) a safe bet. And it was a mistake, I admit!

All characters are pretty flat and shallow, dialogue is superficial and performance is disengaging (specially Abbie Cornish!), and sequence of event's does not make any sense

Put all of that aside. Finishing the movie in retrospect I asked myself: WTF just happened??? The only answer my super ego dictated was that I wasted another 1:30 hrs of my life due to not responding to my gut feeling that it's a trap!

I really wanted to like this movie, but I couldn't. 5 stars for cinematography and Hopkins performance, zero for everything else except Abbie Cornish's performance that is -2!

If you find this review unhelpful (which is a sorta true) then imagine your disappointment when you watch this movie! Sorry.

2 / 10

Very boring movie...

This movie has a great premise. I love movies about hitmen, so, this was one I was really looking forward to see, specially, because of Sir Anthony Hopkins being on it...Man, was I disappointed... The actors were bland, no emotion whatsoever... the movie dragged throughout the whole ordeal, the acting was a bit forced, sometimes... The only good things on this piece of cr*p was the effects on the first kill and the beautiful dog (I love dogs) and the lead acctress, that had a very nice face, not looking "fake" like many others... the movie itself, was boring, dull, and a real letdown...Do yourself a favour, only put this cr*p on if you are having a very bad case of insomnia...

2 / 10

Incredibly slow, with voice over narration

The main actor narrating his own story gets old really fast with almost no dialogue in the first 15 minutes. Then it only gets worse. Poor over done acting and Mr. Hopkins makes a 5 min pointless speech to earn a paycheck, otherwise he has 20 lines in the whole film.

You'll get really bored about an hour into it, and then fast forward until the end, which isn't that interesting, and you'll think to yourself what a waste of time and talent this film was.

3 / 10


It wanders and there really is no real plot. Hopkins should have turned this one down. He must be really hurting for cash.