The Venom Interviews (2016)

A crash course in the professional and scientific work related to the field of venomous herpetology. The film covers diverse topics, including biochemistry, biology, law and public policy, conservation, venom collection, animal hu...
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10 / 10

A must see!

An absolute must see for anyone interested in Venom work.In fact. Anyone interested in Reptiles in general.

Great information. Great interviews. Great footage.

Can't wait for the next project :)

  • Pete

10 / 10

Must See for Any Reptile Enthusiasts

If you like snakes or reptiles, you'd love The Venom Interviews. After watching the film, I feel that I learn so much about the herpetology. It talks about antivenins and its evolution, how to be a responsible venomous reptile keeper, the state of animal/reptile TV programs, snake bite treatment and a lot more. It's not really about the actual snakes and reptiles, but there are plenty of animal shots that satisfy anyone who want to see these interesting creatures in action.

Overall, the film is very successful in providing a good education on the subject, but it's also quite captivating with all the stories surrounding these interesting reptile professionals and serious hobbyists.

There are no other films like it; it will be (has become) an instant classic that all reptile enthusiasts NEED to see. Highly recommended!

10 / 10

Timeless Docs are the best docs.

One of my favorite documentaries. I've watched my copy so many times I've lost count. The creator is also a righteous dude.

10 / 10

The best documentary on venomous snakes ever made!

This documentary is a must for anyone involved in the wildlife industry, from rehabilitation to venom labs. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!

10 / 10

The only documentary of its kind

Ray Morgan has created the only serious documentary about venomous herpetology and the professionals who are involved in it. If you have a serious interest in venomous snakes its a must watch.