The Twin (2022)

Teresa Palmer, Steven Cree, Barbara Marten, Tristan Ruggeri,
A mother who needs to confront the unbearable truth about her surviving twin son.
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  • Aleksi Hyvärinen, Writer:
  • Taneli Mustonen, Director:
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3 / 10

Great build-up with well-known horror elements and chlichés ends with an too simple end result.

The Twin is a new horror film directed and partly written by Taneli Mustonen. Before this, he has directed more Finnish films. In the film, Rachel (Teresa Palmer) and Anthony (Steven Cree) move to Finland after a serious accident in which they lost one of their twin sons. Here, along with their surviving son Elliot (Tristan Ruggeri), they try to work through the trauma of the accident and put it behind them.

Still, Rachel notices that Elliot begins to act strangely, as if he is still in touch with his deceased brother. Rachel asks for help from a spiritual person, who after an investigation soon determines that something demonic is going on with Elliot. This horror film uses many elements from other well-known horror films, but quickly comes across as a bit cliché. They use illusion dreams like in A Nightmare on Elm Street, the horror atmosphere and story elements from Insidious and a mysterious sexe like in Midsommar. All these different elements lead to a large build-up in the film, but the final end result is suddenly too simple. Because of all this mysterious structure you expect a better end result, but the film ends with a weakly substantiated plot twist. Because of this plot twist, many used elements come across as unnecessary and some of them should not have been in the film, because much of this build-up comes across as unnecessary at the end. For a horror film, the film itself does not come across as scary, because besides the mystery of the film, little exciting happens. Because of this, you even start to miss the effect of a simple jump scare, to provide some tension or keep you awake during the long-winded story. The film seems to be playing with shadows to build up tension, but the shadows appear to be just isolated objects in the scenes with no further meaning. Due to too many changes and adjustments between the scenes and missing information, the film also comes across as a bit unclear. Often the scenes seem to build towards something, but then move on too quickly to the next scenes without creating clarity or tension. Finnish director Taneli Mustonen does use elements and traditions from Finland, but besides bringing this culture to the fore in an interesting way, the plot twist ultimately leads to nowhere. Teresa Palmer does her best as the lead role, but due to the lesser script and the disappointing end result, this is not always easy for her. Compared to other horror films in which she has played, she also does a little less physically, because she was pregnant during filming. Still, she does a better job than Steven Cree, because the script leaves him more in the background with little to do. For Tristan Ruggeri, this is only his first acting work in a film. He knows how to deliver appropriate acting, but due to the lesser script and quality of the film, he unfortunately manages to make his role little special.

6 / 10


First of all, the athmosphere is nice. Teresa Palmer was pretty good as a grieving mother. But the story builds up to a massive let down. They could've skipped the whole Helen crazy woman story, that just feels like a filler afterwards. The kid is annoying, but they usually are in these kind of movies. 5,5/10.

3 / 10

So slow paced it is hardly worth the effort...

I hadn't heard about this 2022 horror movie "The Twin" from writers Aleksi Hyv?rinen and Taneli Mustonen prior to sitting down to watch it. I stumbled upon the movie by random chance, and since it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to watch it.

The movie's synopsis was adequate, as there is something about twins in horror movies that just have some appeal as in regard of possible spooky storylines. However, the storyline told in "The Twin" was just somewhat mundane and generic. And the slow pacing of the narrative just made it a downright struggle to sit through this movie. While the movie runs at 1 hour and 49 minutes, the slow paced narrative makes it seem closer to three hours.

I found the storyline in "The Twin" to be somewhat without much of any appeal actually, and I have to admit that my interest in the movie was quickly waning as the storyline trotted on and on in an ungodly slow pace.

"The Twin" has a rather small cast ensemble, so it was up to the cast to put on extraordinary performances to carry the movie. I will say that the cast actually put on fair enough performances, but it was just a shame that they had so little to work with from the script.

For a horror movie, then director Taneli Mustonen took a swing and missed. This movie wasn't scary, especially not to a life-long horror aficionado such as myself. Sure, if you're new to the horror genre, then I will say that "The Twin" could offer something worthwhile.

If you are a horror fan, then I wouldn't recommend you waste your time, money or effort on "The Twin". There are far better and more enjoyable new horror movies out there.

My rating of "The Twin" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

4 / 10

Seen it All Before

My wife and I watched this in Shudder as she's a big Discovery of Witches fan and Teresa Palmer was in this. Unfortunately this was a mash up of several other films, with The Omen, Midsommar and Rosemary's Baby springing to mind, but without being anywhere near as good.

Palmer does a lot of the heavy lifting, and does reasonably well with quite thin material. The reveal was unsatisfactory, with a character basically reading the exposition.

On the whole, added nothing new to the genre.

4 / 10

Not horror but delusions of grief grandeur.

You have a mother who's torn with grief about the loss of her son that creates a whole new life in her world of pain, with some very elaborate details, some of which that doesn't fit her narrative leaving you somewhat bewildered. But in her coming to grips with her "reality" the story only reveals that things she is far worse than just grieving mother. By no means is this a horror but a story about a mother who suffers with delusions of grief grandeur. The story's premise falls into the category of that of The Sixth Sense where nothing is what appears to be. Overall a one time watch.