The Subject (2020)

Jason Biggs, Aunjanue Ellis, Anabelle Acosta, Carra Patterson,
Logline: THE SUBJECT follows a successful white documentary filmmaker dealing with the fallout from his previous film which caught the murder of a Black teen on tape. Now, someone films his every move, threatening his idyllic life.
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  • Chisa Hutchinson, Writer:
  • Lanie Zipoy, Director:
  • Gahlia Eden, Jess Weiss, Producer:

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1 / 10

Wokeness gone awry

What did I just watch? Seriously, what was it? It's like they took a bunch of woke tweets and made a movie out of it. Why on Earth did Jason agree to act in this? He wasn't right for this at all and a bad script didn't help. The "documentary" was so poorly executed. I know it was a low budget, but a low budget doesn't mean.

They included every stereotype in this film. This was like a youtube web series.

The scenes went on too long and were unengaging. It was just unbearable to watch. Please no more woke films. There have been done and done much better in the past. Time to make f=some fun movies again.

8 / 10

Loved this film

I was so impressed with this film. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was extremely heart felt and engaging. I liked the mix of documentary style and cinematic. It was beautifully shot. The writing was really good as well as the score. I hope this does well and many people see it. I think it is extremely poignant for these times.

9 / 10

This film is made for this historic moment.

The Subject is an intimate close up of much that we as a country are grappling with. Privilege, whiteness, exploitation, morality, hope, despair, class, race, etc. The menu is expansive, and it raises important questions. Will anyone get what is deserved? The final scene is riveting and tragic and human and hard to watch. You may want to avert your eyes, but don't!

3 / 10

Not good

There is poor acting. Bad writing and a story that is incoherent. The reason why people seem to be reviewing this highly is due to the concept of a documentary about the ghetto and gang life. The cinematography is good. I also think the actor that plays Malcolm Nile Bullock did a great job.

3 / 10

Boring, Uneventful, and Forced plotlines

This movie is objectively not good. It is basically just a film student's big dreams of having a grand movie about racial divide in America and the morality of documenting people in suffrage. But then you disfigure that idea and make bad casting calls along with awful writing.

The movie has plot lines which in essence make zero sense. The casting feels forced, along with the writing. The entire ambience of the film is trying to really jam in how the main character is benefiting off a black teen's death but never really taking into account that the entire situation is basically completely out of the main character's control. He is attempted to be played off as a standard white male with clear insecurity issues but instead played off as an insufferable rich film student who "went to school for this" as is humbly stated several times. I can't really tell what the goal of the movie is other than movie critic bait for having such a "diverse" cast and "important" writing.

To anyone who isn't a paid critic or your standard film student critic trying to feed his own ego off an objectively bad movie, the writing is bad. The main character makes questionable decisions particularly involving a three year relationship he is in. There is no real way to put it, the movie is just objectively bad. The cinematography is pretty solid, the way the documentary to actual cinematic scenes contrast is great but the writing kills the movie and any potential it had to actually be worth something.


This movie makes zero sense and should not be watched under any circumstances, it's standard wannabe "white man meets black culture" garbage.