The Silencing (2018)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,
The Silencing is a movie starring Annabelle Wallis, Zahn McClarnon, and Melanie Scrofano. A reformed hunter living in isolation on a wildlife sanctuary becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local Sheriff...
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6 / 10

Prevented from being very good. Watch Wind River (2017) instead

Everything about this movie is "okay". The story, the characters, etc. are all okay. None of it is bad. But none of it is fantastic either. It does the bare minimum a good movie should do. Good acting. Good writing. Good pacing. Good filming. Good editing. From a technical, movie 101 perspective, everything is textbook and it doesn't make any huge mistakes.

However, where the movie prevents itself from being very good, is in the following two things:

1. Ruins one very good opportunity and turns it into a pointless plot device. Midway through, a discovery is made which raises the stakes tremendously. From that point, the film could have done something very good. But in the end it's rendered useless as the plot jumps onto something else. And the villain emerges with very unconvincing motive.

2. It's a carbon-copy of a much better movie called Wind River (2017). I couldn't help but notice the similar look/feel within the first few minutes. The setting, the music and how the story opens was very similar. And much to my disappointment, the borrowing of ideas didn't stop there. The rest of the movie is practically the same. So if I could recommend one thing, is to go and watch the that other movie (Wind River) instead. Wind River is everything that this movie wishes it could be. In every department, that movie is fantastic.

6 / 10

this is a cloaked twinn peaks

Ive seen better movies on this subject/topic, and that is because there are too many inconsistencies and loud screams of ludocrisity done by the caracters in the plot. a superindependent sheriff that does the lonesome ride everywhere danger is, and the parkkeepers lack or will of communicating with police and others in dire situations, a w/t or a cell might have given some truthfulness working or not, or a simple houseline phone or better. its also hard to understand the police juristictions and the way law enforcement are dealt with, it just becomes deadwater where there are no push to be found.

acting wise, and the filmographic presentation are well done, much thanks to the choice of locations and nature scenery, but the story are plotted like good old ''twin peaks'', extremely slow, and wait till next weekend to get another clue.

its a film that will enerve some and make others bite nails from the nerves, the grumpy old man liked the first one third the rest is for you to decide. its a recommend anyway

5 / 10

A Decent little Thriller ....

So yeah the movie is actually pretty engaging and its backed with an amazing backdrop and a solid performance from Nikolaj . However this movie is far from being unforgettable as it is let down by a cliched climax. The last 15-20 mins of the movie makes its feel like its just an another serial killer movie .. The movie lacked originality that at some point it had to resort to the way a serial killer movie would usually go. People who are fond of this genre could enjoy watching this movie without any expectation once ..

7 / 10

An effectively straight forward revenge thriller, that plays out like a northern wilderness feature film version of True Detective.

You can definitely tell the writer and the director were heavily influenced from the True detective series for this particular film which is a good thing imo. The visual style, thematics, and plotting aspects are executed in similar fashion as the show. The overall story is relatively run of the mill as far as the murder mystery, and seeking revenge in tracking down the killer. Still it stays interesting enough and never gets too stale with enough intensity and suspense to keep attention. The actors are all decent and keep a level of intrigue throughout. Also some very well done cinematography and fantastic scenery/settings. There are some moments that seem a tad cliché like a big reveal towards the end, but overall it does what it needs to as a basic thriller.

8 / 10

Filmed in my Hometown Sudbury!

Was pretty cool to see all the shots of the Northern Ontarian city that I grew up in. Seems like Scuzzy Sudz is getting famous :)