The Siege at Rykers Station (\N)

After newlywed Jocelyn learns that her husband Jody (Michael Welch, Twilight franchise) had her father shot down, she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear. She's rescued by gunman Billy Tyson, who safeguards her at a remote outpost
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7 / 10


Film is full of old western cliches. Dialogue is so cheesy! I was just shakin' my head throughout the movie. Avoid this film at all costs. I can't believe I spent money to see this!

4 / 10

Red laser on the gunman

At the first confrontation with the running bride, about 10:00 in you can see a red laser on the heros shirt lol. Going to watch the rest and give it an actual star rating as I'm gonna give it a chance. Sure it won't be Shane or Open Range at this point l.

1 / 10


Possible one of the worst films I've seen & I actually paid to download it! The acting is bad, the story is bad, even the music is dreadful, should have checked IDMB out.

7 / 10

Worse western ever!!

OMG!! I should have ago at acting. This must be the worse acting I've seen in a long time. Rubbish story as well. Don't bother watching this film it's a waste of time and pointless.

1 / 10

comically bad

Plot drowning in cliches, dreadful dialog, bad acting. Amazon should yank this. Worst movie in memory I can recall seeing. Awful, awful, awful. Don't waste your time.