The Seduction of Gina (1984)

Valerie Bertinelli, Michael Brandon, Fredric Lehne, Ed Lauter,
The Seduction of Gina is a TV movie starring Valerie Bertinelli, Michael Brandon, and Fredric Lehne. Gina is young, recently married and bored. On a trip to Lake Tahoe she discovers the game of blackjack. Increasingly obsessed with...
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  • Judith Parker, Writer:
  • Jerrold Freedman, Director:
  • Mel Efros, Jack Grossbart, Producer:
7 / 10

Excellent example of how compulsive gambling begins.

This film provides an excellent example of how the addiction of compulsive/pathological gambling begins. The film provided true to life situations that are common and could lead a person to become addicted to gambling. The story line provided true to life consequences of compulsive gambling. This film went beyond entertainment. A good choice for those who want to learn about the disease of compulsive gambling. What the film did not address was how to treat the problem of compulsive gambling.

7 / 10

Need more movies about gambling addiction

There aren't many TV movies about addiction issues besides drugs these days. Guess the casinos won't like this type of movie warning people about gambing addiction. Valerie Bertinelli does a great job as a bored San Francisco wife of a young doctor who starts taking trips to Tahoe to gamble and things get out of control. It's eye opening and fascinating. Not dated at all.

8 / 10

A movie without an ending

I came across this on Amazon for free and really enjoyed it. Watching Gina's "seduction" by gambling was hard to watch at times, especially how she kept dipping into her trust fund to chase after her next win.As stupid as she was, I still sympathized with the character and felt badly for her. It was clear to me that she was using gambling as fulfillment for the empty marriage she had to her med school husband who never had any time for her. She complains to her friend how she feels trapped in the marriage to a husband she never sees and how she "can't date".She obviously jumped into that marriage way too soon at 20 (or earlier as it's not determined the age she was when marrying, but she turns 21 in the film). It was a good film, but lacked a proper ending imo. I won't spoil anything, but I felt there should've been more to show before ending the way it did.Still, a solid 8 stars and Bertinelli is always nice to watch and the San Francisco early 80's street scenes were nice to see.