The Seagull (2018)

Elisabeth Moss, Saoirse Ronan, Annette Bening, Corey Stoll,
The Seagull is a movie starring Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, and Glenn Fleshler. In the early 20th century, an aging actress and her lover visit the estate of her elderly brother.
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  • Anton Chekhov, Stephen Karam, Writer:
  • Michael Mayer, Director:
  • Jay Franke, David Herro, Tom Hulce, Producer:


7 / 10

A rather dull film

This film tells the story of an entangled web of loving feelings in an estate in 19th Century Russia.

I really like the two leading actresses, but they still are unable to save the film from being incredibly slow and dull. I really wanted to like it, but I was bored out of my mind.

8 / 10

Considering Both Sides

I beloved this film to be very intriguing. The characters begin so entrapped in their own love affairs and expressing them so that the audience can relate and feel attached to their hearts, which makes the heartbreak of some characters even more dreadful. The actors give great and passionate performances that make you feel as they do. The middle may be a bit pretentious as to what will happen to each of the characters, but the acting overall makes up for any loss of plot or confusion in the audience as to the predictablity of the characters. But predictable as the characters were portrayed, the plot was not (if you have not read the play). The ending could have gone on to be more explanatory, but the artistic idea of determining the outcome of each character by the audience's views was what made the ending exciting.

10 / 10

Don't miss this dazzlingly beautiful adaptation of a Chekhov classic, its SUPERB!

Irina (Annette Bening) is a famous actress in Moscow. Years ago, she had an affair with a fellow actor and a son, Konstantin (Billy Howle), was born. Now an adult, this son lives with his uncle Sorin (Brian Dennedy) in the country and has never garnered attention or much love from his mother. When she comes for a summer visit to the gorgeous, lakeside estate of her brother's, Konstantin sees a chance for him to put on his new play with the help of a beautiful young neighbor, Nina (Saoirse Ronan), who is an aspiring actress. She is also greatly loved by the young playwright. This is upsetting to Masha (Elizabeth Moss) who dresses in black and maintains a sorrowing countenance, for she is in love with Konstantin. The town's schoolteacher wants very much to marry Masha but, she declares she can't for she is in love with another. So, here comes Mother with her new love, Boris (Corey Stoll) , a famous writer, in tow. At the play's performance, Irina talks over so much of the rather stilted dialogue that Konstantin blows up in anger, ends the performance, and tries to shoot himself. Will his mother ever love him and appreciate his talents? Then, too, Boris casts his eye on Nina and she returns the infatuation, which brings Irina to a melting point and a swift exit from the country, with Boris tagging along. Naturally, Konstantin is now also hurt about Nina's wandering eye. To prove his affection in bizarre fashion, Kon shoots a seagull and places it at Nina's feet, as a love offering. Nina is not impressed. We can never say all's well that ends well with this party of Russians, can we? This dazzling film is beautiful in every way but it is sad, sad, and more sad. The actors are wonderful, with Bening giving a tremendous turn as the flighty Irina and Ronan also amazing as the naive Nina. Stoll, Howle, Dennehy, and the rest are beyond measure, too. Then, the scenery is lovely to the maximum, with a heavenly setting in the beautiful countryside, and the cinematography shows it off with many interesting and gorgeous shots. One expects lovely costumes for a period piece and they are marvelous. Finally, the direction is one of the finest this viewer has ever witnessed, making a 100 year old Chekhov play accessible to everyone. Don't miss The Seagull, it soars.

1 / 10

Dull, irritating self indulgent characters

Despite the stellar cast and lovely period setting, this movie fails to charm. I found myself losing patience with the spoiled, overly dramatic histrionics. It's hard to enjoy a movie when you want to slap some sense into half the characters.

8 / 10

Not about a bird. Much.

SPOILER: The Seagull. Heart wrenching, hilarious, appalling, and the only one who gets out alive is the seagull, shot early on. So much ambition, so little success. From the estate staff, cooks, & caretaker to renowned stage and literary stars, breathtaking in life's limitations.