The Restaurant (2018)

Mark Turner, Anthony Misiano, Byron Clohessy, Stephanie Juergens,
The Restaurant is a movie starring Mark Robert Turner, Anthony Misiano, and Matthew Thomas Burda. Andy made a deal with a demon. He manages a small but ambitious Italian eatery called Scoppa. The demon's black magic lures patrons to...
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  • Eric Ford Holevinski, Director:
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1 / 10

Stop this Director

If you screen this garbage, i promise you it will represent one of the worst movies you have ever seen. Hands down.

Don't get your hopes up and you'll still be disappointed.

The director has less than zero talent.

He should not be allowed to make another movie.

7 / 10

Getting a taste

A horror movie that is also trying to be funny. I can see that this feels problematic. That it touches nerves. This plays almost entirely in one location, which made shooting obviously easier and the budget wasn't that big either (at least partially financed through Kickstarter as I read in an Interview). You may not like what the director decided to do with the main idea and you may find some dialog awful, but overall this is more than a decent effort to entertain the viewer.

It has blood, it has jokes and it is as over the top as it needs to be. Not to everyones liking as I already stated, but that is not a reason to declare the director talentless. If you have a heart for independent movies and the humor touches home, you will have quite some fun with this. I know I had

6 / 10

Real indie cinema, without the fluff

I actually rather enjoyed this film. Did it have its flaws? Yes. Do I wish it was gorier? Absolutely. But the overall film works, even with the minuscule budget it had.

It never fails to amaze me...after I see a film that I consider moderately enjoyable, I then read reviews that say it's the worst film in the world, or in this case, the worst director in the world. I found the directing to be smart, taking advantage of specific elements (eg lighting & sound) to hide some of the shortcomings in fx due to budget constraints. The premise is interesting and the cast does an above average job at conveying their respective characters. Much of the dialog feels a bit broken and over the top, but I have absolutely zero doubt that the director cast the film with this in mind. While not an over the top comedy/horror, the film does indeed have a fair amount of black comedy throughout.

My personal wishes would have been:

  • loads of gore. The premise is perfect for a full-on gorefest, especially with the black humor portrayed by characters and the script.
  • a little more development and story behind the demon. We get some, but not much. It certainly isn't needed, but it could have assisted in adding depth to the story.

The 85 minutes went by very quickly and I was entertained the entire time. The film moves quickly, adding just enough character development and backstory to provide the minimum amount of knowledge necessary for the tale being told. This is no Oscar winner, nor will it be one most people would even watch a second time, but I enjoyed it.

For fans of:
  • horror
  • black comedy
  • demonic stories

It is worth RESTATING...this is a low budget indie film. If you go in to this expecting tons of great fx, loads of gore, and jump-scares, this film is not for you. If you like a moderately paced dramatic horror film with dark humor, and done on an indie budget, give it a shot. It's on Prime right now (11/2019) so it's worth the price.

1 / 10

Not funny, not scary, not as good as most high school film projects

Take a film with no scares, no humor, bad dialogue, bad acting, no money, a stupid story and you have The Devil's Restaurant. Blows my mind that people may have actually spent time working on this. Time for a new job or hobby or whatever this was....

1 / 10

Dont watch.

Horribel movie, maybe the worst made, the director should never be allowed to do another movie.